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  • Barack Obama/Evan Bayh Bumper Stickers?

    Has Matt Drudge actually scooped Barack Obama on his VP pick?

    KMBC's Micheal Mahoney reports a company in Kansas City, which specializes in political literature, has been printing Obama-Bayh material…

    Gill Studios, would not confirm information about the material. They would not deny it either. At least three sources close to the plant's operations reported the Obama-Bayh material was being produced…

    Here's the website for Gill Studios, the company that's supposedly printing the bumper stickers. Doesn't exactly look like the kind of company that would be privy to that info.

    I don't think they'd get to know who the new VP at the local Chemical Bank is.

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  • The Daily Show Welcomes RNC Guests

    From The CC Insider

    The Minneapolis/St. Paul-area blog just posted this photo of an awesome billboard that's gone up over the Twin Cities in anticipation of next month's Republican National Convention…

    No word yet if there's one in Denver welcoming Commie Pothead Baby-Killing Terror-Coddlers.

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  • Bill O'Reilly Serves Up More Hilarious Comedy From the Far Right

    Fans of Bill O'Reilly were recently given good cause to stop throwing feces at the wall of their cages and enjoy a much-needed laugh: a preview of the new conservative comedy film, An American Carol.

    I'll let Videogum's Gabriel Delahaye set this one up

    Yikes. The movie was written and directed by David Zucker, who gave the world Airplane! and the Naked Gun series. He's like an American treasure, but whatever the opposite of treasure is. It's too bad 14-year-olds can't vote, because then this movie would be a really powerful political tool.

    Was Gabe actually besmirching Airplane! and The Naked Gun? Whatever. Either way, this preview really shows how far this particular Zucker brother has fallen…

    My favorite part of the preview — the only part that actually made me laugh — was when they cut to the country singer shitkicker guy singing the ridiculously patriotic love ballad to America in that huge pyrotechnic arena. I thought, "Wow, are they actually making fun of themselves a little?"

    And then I realized that was the one part of the preview that wasn't intended as parody.

    After the jump, the CC Insider's Matthew Tobey and I debate whether this is the worst-looking movie of all time or just one of the worst-looking movies of all time. Feel free to throw in your two cents…

    Matt: That American Carol trailer is the most mind-blowing thing you'll see all day.

    Dennis: It actually doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would.

    Dennis: But I was thinking pretty bad.

    Matt: Really? Wow.

    Dennis: Yeah.

    Matt: Your expectations are impressively low.

    Matt: I don't think mine go that low.

    Dennis: I mean, it doesn't look "funny."

    Dennis: But it holds together as a thing, and I wasn't counting on that.

    Dennis: I was thinking bad along the lines of 'Epic Movie' or '1/2 Hour News Hour.'

    Matt: I actually think it looks worse than Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans and all those things.

    Dennis: Really? No!

    Dennis: Those are the lowest.

    Matt: Because the humor is on par, but the politics are so fucking ham-fisted.

    Matt: This looks like a cross between Postal and Dracula: Dead and Loving It.

    Matt: This is worse than anything. You are wrong.

    Matt: This movie is mankind's greatest atrocity.

    Dennis: Is that your pull quote?

    Matt: It's my suicide note.

    Matt: I'm just glad Anne Frank isn't alive to see it, because she'd be like, "Fuck it. I give up. We're not all basically good after all."

    After that, I conceded defeat.

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  • Barack Obama Has the Strength of Twenty Elitists

    Still questioning the superhuman abilities of Barack Obama? Well, take under advisement this account, by a German journalist, of the amazing physical prowess he displayed while touring Europe…

    He goes and picks up a pair of 16 kilo weights and starts curling them with his left and right arms, 30 repetitions on each side. Then, amazingly, he picks up the 32 kilo weights! Very slowly he lifts them, first 10 curls with his right, then 10 with his left.

    Ezra Klein puts the somewhat unlikely claim into a little perspective

    32 kilos is about 70 pounds. Not sure I believe this, but it does point towards an interesting campaign strategy in which Obama proves his national security chops by winning an arm wrestling match with a bear. That's the sort of foreign policy experience Americans tend to want in their candidates.

    I wouldn't have believed it either, except that I came upon this exclusive footage of a disguised and undercover Obama practicing for what I can only assume is a yet-to-be proposed arm rasslin' match with the war hero McCain…

    Update: For some reason, the video above hasn't been showing up on some people's computers, and it's been pointed out that we've also become "more and more un-fun."

    For both issues, we apologize. We really, really don't want to be un-fun. We have special meetings here in the Comedy Central mansion where all we do is discuss ways of becoming less and less un-fun and more un-un-fun. (One executive even suggested we shoot for un-un-un-un-fun, but it was later conceded that that might be too much to ask of ourselves.)

    Anyway, in an attempt to re-un-un-fun the site, we jerked around with the code to the above video. And if it still doesn't work, here's a direct link. (Let me tell you, the joke is totally not un-un-un-worth the wait.)

    Update 2: It appears as though the video problem is on YouTube's end, and seems to be affecting Macs right now. Hopefully, they'll fix it soon. (The "un-fun" problem is still on our end, though. Sorry, we're trying to fix.)

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  • Get Your War On: Who Do You Have to Kill to Get on the Terrorist Watch List?

    Here's the first official episode of David Rees and 23/6's web series Get Your War On.

    And it's as funny as you were hoping it was going to be…

    (via CC Insider, which stated: "This show is really great. I wouldn't be so bold to already call it the best anti-war clipart-based animated web series ever — I'm not insane — but it's definitely a contender.")

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