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  • The Best Jokes From Congressional Prom Night

    On Wednesday, the Washington Press Club Foundation hosted its 69th Annual Congressional Dinner, an event where reporters bring members of Congress as their "dates." It's not as exciting as the White House Correspondents Dinner, so it's best to think of it as junior prom — all the sweaty awkwardness of the real thing, but even fewer attendees manage to score.

    Nevertheless,  Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) were in fine form as they addressed the gathering:

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  • Sarah Palin Made $15.85 Per Word for Saying These Things

    Sarah PalinSarah Palin lasted longer as a Fox News contributor than she did as governor of Alaska, but that doesn't make her departure any any less painful for those of us who savored every mangled word that traveled from her lungs to her lips, without making so much as a pit stop near her brain.

    At least we know that she was well-compensated for all the schadenfreude-y joy she brought to our lives.

    According to the Smart Politics blog, Palin spoke 189,221 words on air during the course of her million dollar contract with Fox News, for an average pay rate of $15.85 per word. In other words, when Palin said:

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  • Martin Luther King Jr. or the U.S. Air Force?

    Time for an admittedly difficult quiz. Three of the quotes below come from Martin Luther King Jr. The other is from a statement issued by an over-zealous Air Force public relations officer.

    Can you tell the difference?

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  • How to Convince Your Friends You're Not a Manti Te'o

    Deadspin's reporting on the life and death of Lennay Kekua, the girlfriend of Notre Dame star Manti Te'o, revealed some interesting facts. Namely, that she's not dead, wasn't Te'o's girlfriend and has never existed. The two did not meet in Hawaii. They did not speak to each other every night on the telephone. Kekua did not suffer a car accident in California, nor did she die of leukemia.

    In simpler times, this story never would have emerged and we'd have one less dead fictional girl on our consciences. Imaginary Kekua would live forever, just another my-girlfriend-who-lives-Canada who retreats to rural British Columbia whenever a boy works up the courage to ask a real girl out on a date.

    But in today's world, this story has real victims. Think of all the people in actual long-distance relationships. How are they ever going to convince their friends and colleagues they're not pulling an elaborate Manti Te'o style hoax? With this guide, that's how.

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  • Ron Paul Fans Scorn Glenn Beck's Libertarian Network

    Considering every dollar spent subscribing to Glenn Beck's The Blaze TV is a dollar that can't be used to purchase canned food, ammunition or the Crovel Tactical, it's a minor miracle that the professional crybaby and conspiracy-monger has been able to make a dime off his network.

    Nevertheless, the sharia socialism of the Obama years has been kind enough to Beck's projects that he has the resources to expand into a new venture, titled "American Dream Labs." The expansion will include a new global headquarters in New York City meant to "send a very clear message to everyone in New York…it will piss everyone off," as well as the creation of an international news program staffed by investigative journalists whom Beck has promised to "grow [on] our own."

    Even more controversial than the NYC-based reporter-growing super-lab is The Blaze's pivot toward becoming "global libertarian news network." Needless to say, libertarianism and Beck's brand of bombastic Christian-tinged American exceptionalism are two tastes that rarely taste great together. Denizens of the Daily Paul boards were skeptical:

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