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  • Al Gore Jazeera Show Pitches

    Al Gore's Current TV has been bought for approximately $500 million by Al Jazeera, the international news network owned by the oil-rich government of Qatar.

    The network will be launching an American news channel with original content, prompting xenophobic reactions from the Internet's darker corners and more hopeful show pitches for the new venture from us:

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  • What's Barack Obama Trying to Hide at His Inauguration?

    Last week we learned that not only does Barack Obama want to be president again, he wants a private swearing-in ceremony plus a public inauguration the next day. Somehow he convinced the calendar to make January 20th fall on a Sunday, just so he could have a double inaugurationpalooza.

    Media outlets and the White House Correspondents Association are hoping they'll be allowed to send pool reporters and a photographer to the private ceremony, but inauguration planners are suggesting that media may be barred from the proceedings.

    Not surprisingly, the Internet has carefully reasoned theories about what John Roberts and Barack Obama will do behind closed doors.

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  • The Best of North Korean News

    Earlier in Juche 101 (that's 2012, for those not used to calendars that start with the birth of Eternal President of the Republic Kim Il-sung) the official newspaper of the Korean Workers Party inaugurated its English-language service. While we've been lost in the minutiae of U.S. politics, Rodong Sinmun — Korean for "Fair and Balanced," I think — has been indispensable for its coverage of politics, culture and the economy.

    Still, some journalistic essentials like "facts" and "reality" are lost in the English pronouncements of Rodong Sinmun and the Korean Central News Agency, so additional translations have been provided.

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  • People's Daily Praises Kim Jong-un for Being The Onion's "Sexiest Man Alive"

    Taking a story from The Onion at face value is not the craziest thing in the world. It happens to U.S. congressmen and Iranian news agencies with surprising frequency. What makes the Chinese People's Daily commitment to fake journalism truly extraordinary is that their 55-page spread on the "impeccable fashion sense, chic short hairstyle, and, of course, that famous smile" of North Korea's Kim Jong-un is still online as of this writing, a full three hours since Western media noticed the error.

    Now there is the kind of commitment to propogandistic bullshit you want to see in your Communist Party newspaper. No mealy-mouthed pseudo-apologies, like those issued by the Iranian FARS after their Onion flub. Just stick to the damn story.

    Besides, The Onion really did name Kim Jong Un its Sexiest Man Alive for 2012, making this the most factual reporting a Communist Party organ has published all week.

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  • The Worst David Petraeus Commentary Quiz

    The David Petraeus-General John Allen-Paula Broadwell-Jill Kelley-Shirtless FBI Wingnut sex pentagon raises many questions: Which role will Julianne Moore play in the HBO movie? Can heterosexuals continue to be trusted to serve in our nation's military and clandestine services?  And perhaps most urgently, can people on the Internet resist the urge to be misogynistic twits for just one goddamned minute and enjoy the spectacle without succumbing to sexism, conspiracy mongery or general foolishness?

    This quiz will help answer one of these questions. For each category, try to identify whether the statement is intended as comedy or represents un-self-aware douchebaggery

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