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  • Medicare-Killing Plan Unpopular with Americans Who Prefer to Stay Alive

    This is crazy! There's no explanation for it! First Rep. Paul Ryan — author of the very "serious" GOP budget plan to fix the deficit by gutting Medicare and Medicaid and handing out additional tax breaks to the top-earning five percent –  is getting booed by his conservative constituents in Wisconsin.

    And now there's this poll that shows that three-quarters of Americans prefer fairly taxing rich people to having the elderly die penniless in a ditch somewhere. What is going on?!

    The top lines of the WaPo/ABC Poll show a big problem for Republicans and their plan to gut Medicare. It's hugely unpopular. The vast majority want Medicare preserved as is, along with Medicaid, with (once again) tax increases on the wealthy the heavily preferred choice for addressing debt. Asked the basic question of what should be cut, 78% oppose cutting Medicare, 69% opposed cutting Medicaid, while 72% say tax the rich

    But drill down on the internals for the Medicare questions, and you find that when the Republican plan is spelled out, and respondents are told that beneficiaries would "receive a check or voucher from the government each year for a fixed amount they can use to shop for their own private health insurance policy," and that — as the CBO projects — the cost of private insurance will likely outpace the cost of Medicare, opposition to the plan soars to 84%.

    Sometimes it's as though I don't even know my country any more.

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  • GOP Budget Will Save Medicare by Eliminating Medicare

    So, this new budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan… I don't even know what to say. Partially because I'm not smart enough to understand numbers and stuff. But also because I guess Republicans aren't even pretending to care about non-millionaire people anymore, I guess?

    From what I can piece together with this feeble all-the-Mountain-Goats-song-lyrics-remembering-but-can't-divide-without-a-calculator brain of mine, this budget would raise taxes for the bottom 95 percent of the country in order to make room for additional tax cuts to the top 5 percent while also "saving" Medicare by ending Medicare and replacing it with a less comprehensive privatized system of vouchers.

    Does anybody who isn't on the Koch Brothers' Christmas card list actually think this is a good idea?

    Republican leaders united Tuesday behind House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) newly-released proposal that cuts trillions in federal spending over ten years while ending Medicare and Medicaid as we know it.

    "Chairman Ryan and the members of the Budget Committee have done an excellent job putting together a budget worthy of the American people," said House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). "I hope every American concerned about our country’s future will take a look at it."…

    The proposal aims to cut over $6 trillion in federal spending, in part by essentially privatizing Medicare for Americans currently under 55 and capping their benefit payouts at roughly $15,000. It also eliminates the guarantee on Medicaid benefits and turns it into a program of block grants for states.

    "This is the path to prosperity," Ryan said Tuesday as he introduced the plan.

    Prosperity for somebody certainly.

    By the way, when we turn all the way into Somalia, am I gonna be able to just get a job as a pirate, or am I gonna have to go to some kind of pirate school first?

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  • Arizona to Let People Die to Reduce Deficit

    You didn't believe them when they said state-run death panels were coming to America! You laughed at their supposedly-baseless Cassandra-like warnings of lives being coldly discarded by heartless government employees!

    Well, don't you look silly now

    It is a decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to stop funding for some organ transplants as the state struggles to reduce a yawning budget deficit…

    The measure enacted last October by Brewer trimmed spending on Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program, to help close a projected 2012 budget deficit of $1.15 billion.

    It eliminated coverage for transplants including lung, heart, liver and bone marrow after weighing the success and survival rates for certain transplant procedures.

    Good idea! I wonder how many dollars they'll save per human life destroyed. What is the going rate for humanity these days anyway? I don't mean the important prenatal form, but the useless post-born poor-people kind.

    (via Reddit)

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  • Texans Might Soon Be Realizing What It's Like to Put Up with Texas

    Dan Savage is concerned that — with Texas quite possibly ripping itself from the federal Medicaid program –neighboring states' medical systems may find themselves faced with an onslaught of proudly-self-sufficient Lone Star refugees.

    But, he has a possible solution for the problem

    "So if Texas withdraws from Medicaid we're going to have to secure the border. I'm thinking we're going to need a dang fence running along Texas's borders with New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Maybe an electrified one."

    I'm thinking that Mexico might also want to consider building it's own fence to keep the Texans out just south of the one the Texans built to keep the Mexicans out.

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