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Michael Michaud
  • Elected Officials' Headshots Still Recovering from Maine Town Hall

    moose-sign-maineLook, my home state of Maine is in the news (in Maine, no one else ever notices). Guess why! Here, I'll give you a hint. Rhymes with 'frown ball.' Ayuh, you got it

    An estimated 450 people from throughout Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and beyond gathered in Brewer Tuesday night to give their elected representatives a piece of their minds.


    U.S. Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe and U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud were no shows.

    Instead the dozens of people who traveled from such places as Washington County, Casco, Saco, East Millinocket, Orrington, the St. John Valley, Bangor, and York County, had to make due [sic -- copyedit moose must be on vacation] by addressing blown up photographs of the three propped up against three empty chairs that had been reserved for them at the front of the room.

    Yes. Yes. So for over two hours the citizens of Maine hollered at these photographs, berating them for everything from "plans to nationalize health care, the federal stimulus package, recent corporate bailouts, and the cash for clunkers program," not to mention the proposal where Obama comes to take our guns. And then, I dunno, I guess everyone got bored and went home, leaving the thoroughly chastised headshots to ponder the error of their ways, forever, on folding chairs at Jeff’s Catering in Brewer.

    Sure, you flatlanders may call it crazy, but where I come from we call it Yankee ingenuity ("patriotism").

    And now, if you'll excuse me, I have an audience with this picture of the Pope.

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  • 15 Minutes of Fame Wrapping Up for Maine and Nebraska

    Maine and Nebraska have just a few things in common: farms, plain-speaking, nitrogen-based atmospheres. But since today is Election Day, they share one super important trait . . .

    Both states split their Electoral College votes. Which means that if a presidential candidate wins a majority of votes in a Congressional district, he can still score an Electoral vote even if he loses the state overall. This has potential ramifications for both candidates in tonight's tallying:

    * Obama has his sights set on Nebraska's 2nd district, which includes most of Omaha. He recently dispatched Hillary Clinton there to gin up support among Cornhuskers who might be hesitant to vote for a man whose mother hailed from their hated neighbor, Kansas. It's a long shot, but in an Obama landslide the 2nd could go blue.

    * McCain is hoping to snag an Electoral vote in Maine's 2nd district, which comprises the rural northern portion of the state. Sarah Palin stumped in Bangor two weeks ago, but embarassingly lost a moose shoot-off to local Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud. This one likely stays in Obama's column.

    Who cares about these individual Electoral votes? Well, keep in mind that if Obama wins all the Kerry states plus Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada, the Electoral College will be tied at 269-269 . . . Those plain-spoken, atmosphere-breathing farmers could just be the ones who tip the balance!

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