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  • Exclusive Extended Daily Show Interview with Condoleezza Rice

    "I don't think that there's any chance that an Arab Spring flourishes in Iraq. An Arab Spring in Iraq looks like Syria, but much much worse. Because, unlike Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein had a massive army, Saddam Hussein had put 400 thousand people in mass graves, he used chemical weapons before. So, I think a very different set of circumstances." — Condoleezza Rice

    The interview continues after the jump.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

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  • U.S. + Saudi Arabia = Luv 4-Eva

    In this time of upheaval and revolution in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and all those other farflung sandy places, it's easy to forget about our #1 BFF in the Middle East (besides the 51st state, Israel): Saudi Arabia!

    Sure, nearly all the September 11th hijackers were Saudis, and Osama bin Laden was a naughty Saudi trustafarian, and Saudi Arabia THROWS WOMEN IN JAIL FOR DRIVING CARS, but who cares? Saudi Arabia sells us lots of oil, which is made of the blood of dinosaurs and also children.

    The New York Times has a lovely piece on just how Saudi Arabia is currently keeping its oppressed citizenry in check

    King Abdullah paid an extra two months’ salary to government employees and spent $70 billion alone for 500,000 units of low-income housing. As a reward to the religious establishment, he allocated about $200 million to their organizations, including the religious police. Clerics opposed to democratic changes crowed that they had won a great victory over liberal intellectuals.

    "They don't care about the security of the country, all they care about is the mingling of genders — they want girls to drive cars, they want to go the beaches to see girls in bathing suits!" roared Mohamed al-Areefy, a popular young cleric, in a recent Friday sermon.

    Let's all get down on our knees and pray to our American God (the dollar bill) in order to give thanks that we continue to collaborate with this nation of cousin-marrying psychopaths. Hooray for capitalism!

    Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Barack Obama Says Thing About Israel, Conservatives Explode with Anger

    Oh my God! Did you guys hear about that speech on the Middle East that President Obama gave earlier today?

    I didn't really get a chance to listen to or read anything about what he said. However — based upon the reactions to the speech ("Obama is now ready to advocate the next step of his plan to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth") — I gather that he advocated sawing around Israel's border and pushing it out to sea. And I think that is simply unacceptable! I am wholeheartedly opposed to such sawing and pushing action.

    Mitt Romney has my back on this

    "President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. He has disrespected Israel and undermined its ability to negotiate peace," Romney said in a statement. "He has also violated a first principle of American foreign policy, which is to stand firm by our friends," added the former Massachusetts governor.

    Ditto Tim Pawlenty

    "President Obama’s insistence on a return to the 1967 borders is a mistaken and very dangerous demand," Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor, said in a statement… "To send a signal to the Palestinians that America will increase its demands on our ally Israel, on the heels of the Palestinian Authority’s agreement with the Hamas terrorist organization, is a disaster waiting to happen," said Pawlenty.

    Exactly! Total under-the-bus maneuver and a disaster waiting to happ– Wait, what? A return to the 1967 borders for Israel-Palestine? Like, what both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were negotiating with Israel and Palestine for?

    So, he's not planning on casting Israel out to sea? Oh, I see…

    Well, I'm still really really angry!

    (Can somebody please explain to me why I'm so angry?)

    (via Andrew Sullivan)

    Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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  • Palestinians Trying to Overshadow Wills and Kate

    Everyone on Earth knows that the most important thing happening this week is the marriage of one inbred (but seemingly very nice) English helicopter pilot to some hot chick. Everyone, that is, except for the Palestinians, who remain annoyingly obsessed with lifting themselves out of poverty and desperation.

    Hey, guys, we don't even know who designed Kate's wedding thong yet. Try and focus on something important, maybe? No? Ugh, fine. Then go ahead and form a coalition government, as if that's some kind of big development

    The two main Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, announced Wednesday that they were putting aside years of bitter rivalry to create an interim unity government and hold elections within a year, a surprise move that promised to reshape the diplomatic landscape of the Middle East.

    The deal, brokered in secret talks by the caretaker Egyptian government, was announced at a news conference in Cairo where the two negotiators referred to each side as brothers and declared a new chapter in the Palestinian struggle for independence, hobbled in recent years by the split between the Fatah-run West Bank and Hamas-run Gaza.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Oh, I'm sorry, was someone saying something about World Peace or the destruction of Israel or something? We couldn't hear it over the sound of ourselves screaming with excitement over the marriage of two insanely rich white people in the country that maybe had something to do with the division of territories in the Middle East, or something?


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  • Gary Johnson Announces He's Running for President of Nochanceistan

    Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who — despite having such traditionally conservative political views as favoring legalized marijuana, marriage equality and not nation-building in the Middle East — considers himself a Republican announced this morning, via Twitter, that he is running for president

    You really have to wonder what this guy's end game is. He's the kind of politician who I can actually imagine me and my progressive friends voting for over Obama — who, for the record, is opposed to all three of those things listed above — which means that he clearly has no chance of winning the GOP nomination whatsoever.

    Look at the Brundlefly monster that McCain's avarice turned himself into back in '08. Look at the cartoon characters that formerly semi-reasonable moderates like Romney, Giuliani and Trump have become in their quests for the twisted favor of Republican base.

    Look at Sarah Palin.

    What makes this obviously hopeless pursuit worth the time of a businessman like Johnson? Or is he actually so deluded that he thinks he can actually win?

    In which case, maybe he does have a place in the GOP field.

    (via The Raw Story)

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