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  • Democrat Claire McCaskill Is Todd Akin's Last Defender!

    Prior to his depiction of the female reproductive system as a legitimate rape detector, Todd Akin had been leading incumbent Missouri senator Claire McCaskill in the polls for months.

    Not anymore. A Mason-Dixon poll shows half of Akin's supporters want him to withdraw and stop assaulting the Republicans' chances of gaining control of the Senate. His favorability rating is 17 percent positive versus 56 percent negative, and he trails McCaskill by nine points.

    A chorus of Republican officials have called on Akin to step aside. Turns out, he is not a miraculous snow-flake who deserves the chance to live out his Senate candidacy to the fullest, but a burden that must be discarded.

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  • Todd Akin Believes He Has Legitimate Chance

    Todd Akin, whom you may have heard of and who is terribly sorry for that, isn't giving up.

    Despite criticism from his party, the opposing party and pretty much every American who knows what rape and/or basic goodness is, he's going to keep running for the Senate

    [Akin] believes the fickle media's attention will shift quickly, especially with party conventions right around the corner, and the race will remain tight given [his Democratic opponent Claire] McCaskill's disapproval ratings in Missouri.

    Nice try, Todd, but the American media's not as fickle as you think. When an important news story breaks that could have far-reaching consequences for American women, journalists delve into it and don't stop until–

    Hey, look, Joe Biden's talking!

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  • Sarah Palin Has Some Things to Say About Todd Akin

    Sarah PalinPlease forgive me. I know I should not feed the Palins. But I'm weak! I just love when she opens her mouth and things come out of it. Because those things are almost always very very funny.

    Take for example this fantastic little piece of Palinalia, in which she simultaneously manages to gloat over the downfall of a Republican candidate that did not get her official stamp of approval and offer the most ironically unPalinesque advice ever uttered by a Palin

    "This is not going in his favor," Palin said in an interview with Fox News' Greta Von Susteren Tuesday. "So you have to step aside from self, from your self-desire to get in there and serve and do what you believe is right, and you have to, in a sense, take one for the team. And you have to step aside. Hand the mantle to someone else."

    Palin's remarks amount to a big "I told you so" to her fellow Tea Party conservatives. The former Alaska governor  endorsed Akin's primary opponent Sarah Steelman in Missouri's Republican Senate primary, breaking with several major Tea Party groups who heavily favored Akin. Steelman, a former state treasurer, came in third in the primary with 29% of the vote, behind Akin and businessman John Brunner.

    Okay, so first off, yes I know that she is uniquely qualified to offer council on quitting something that's only part-way completed. She's got that part for sure! It's that other part about stepping aside from self-desire and taking one for the team that seems somewhat outside her field of expertise.

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  • Todd Akin v. Empty Chair

    Part time Senate candidate and full time ladypart expert Todd Akin failed to show  for an appearance on last night's "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Monday, perhaps due to his very important standing in front of a staircase appointment. Morgan began the program by labeling Akin a "gutless little twerp" for his last minute cancellation, showing an empty chair throughout the production.

    Akin, who has been facing calls from Republican leaders urging him to end his campaign following his "legitimate rape" comments, has until the end of the day to voluntarily withdraw. A court order could also replace him on the ballot, at least until September 25th, when his candidacy reaches full viability and can no longer be aborted.

    Democrats, who trolled Missouri Republican primary voters into selecting Akin in the first place, have been eager to see him remain on the ballot. It's true Republicans never really planned on him, and yes, he was a mistake, and yes, his upkeep is going to cost the party millions if they're to have any hope of him remaining viable, but isn't it only fair to keep him and raise him as their little miracle?

    Sadly, many Republicans think otherwise. Everyone from Jim Talent to John Ashcroft has been floated as a potential replacement (suspiciously, we haven't seen Harold Ford's helicopter lately, hmm). Now of these choices are exciting. If Republicans insist on a change, may I suggest instead…Empty Chair 2012?

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  • Todd Akin Is So, So Sorry

    Todd Akin: You guys, I already said I misspoke.

    Campaign Aide #1: It's not enough.

    Todd Akin: I don't know what this country's coming to when a fella can't go on the local news and talk about the magic vagina rape secretions without everybody getting all upset.

    Campaign Aide #2: You need to record something. Talk straight to the people and say you know rape is bad. Tell 'em you have daughters.

    Todd Akin: I don't have to say that rape victims should be able to make their own choices if they get pregnant, though, right?

    Campaign Aide #1: Oh, gosh, no.

    Campaign Aide #2: You do have to sit in front of a staircase. That's important.

    (via Politico)

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