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  • Mitch McConnell Murders Harlem Shake Meme [VIDEO]

    The Harlem Shake, born in 1981 as a dance that involves pivoting the shoulder in weird directions, was murdered today. It was 32.

    Having enjoyed a recent surge in popularity on YouTube, the meme was killed by the campaign of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) when it posted this video, the most normal part of which is a pink tutu-wearing man.

    The Harlem Shake is survived by "Y U NO Guy," the Obama "not bad" face, and that dumb horsey dance.

    In lieu of flowers, politicians should learn that they all look like this (barely SFW) when attempting to make viral videos.

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  • Tweet Untweet: Filibusters!

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  • Tweet Untweet: Some Like It Hot

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  • Mitch McConnell Laughs Existentially at the Cosmic Joke

    Having just stared deeply into the vast nothingness of the Treasury Department's proposal for averting the metaphorical and self-imposed "fiscal cliff" over which Congress is currently dangling itself, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — laden heavy with despair — found himself bereft of all options save one...

    Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, says he "burst into laughter" Thursday when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner outlined the administration proposal for averting the fiscal cliff. He wasn't trying to embarrass Geithner, McConnell says, only responding candidly to his one-sided plan, explicit on tax increases, vague on spending cuts.

    Geithner's visit to his office left McConnell discouraged about reaching a "balanced" deal on tax hikes and spending reductions designed to prevent a shock to the economy in January. "Nothing good is happening" in the negotiations, McConnell says, because of Obama's insistence on tax rate hikes for the wealthy but unwillingness to embrace serious spending cuts.

    McConnell truly is the Sisyphean hero written of by Arthur Camus so many years ago, hefting the boulder of compromise up, up, up the hill only to watch in disgust as Obama pushes it back down with a simple flick of his thumb. And down McConnell must go to take up the task once again, for the sake of his constituents.

    To paraphrase Camus: "The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Mitch McConnell happy."

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  • Everything Is Racist According to MSNBC

    There's something about golf that makes it a favorite pastime of U.S. presidents. Perhaps it gets their minds off their daily routine of being caddies, carrying baggage for America's wealthiest.

    But did know that making lame joke about Barack Obama's golf game, as Mitch McConnell did during a speech last night, is racist? So claims MNSBC's Lawrence O'Donnell

    Well, we know exactly what he's trying to do there. He is trying to align to Tiger Woods and surely, the — lifestyle of Tiger Woods with Barack Obama. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth…

    That's the one they want for a very deliberate reason. That — there's — these people reach for every single possible racial double entendre they can find in every one of these speeches…

    I know these people are insensitive. I know the speechwriters are insensitive. I know the way they work. They do not have the same sensitivity level that other speechwriters do. But when you get to the Tiger Woods reference, there were people in the speech writing room, I know this, without a shadow of a doubt, who said wait a minute, do we really want to go there? Do we really want to go to Tiger Woods and the vote in the room was yes, we do. Mitch McConnell agreed to do it.

    To recap, Lawrence is saying that a joke about Obama's golf game isn't meant to suggest the president's indifference toward the unemployed, but is meant to evoke Tiger Woods, thereby impugning Obama's own reputation as a solid family man.

    It's a very, very quiet dog whistle. Only ten people in the world — the ones watching MSNBC — can hear it.

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