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Monty Python
  • John Cleese on Sarah Palin

    Monty Python's John Cleese gives his thoughts on the new "funniest Palin"…

    "It's like a nice looking parrot. Because the parrot speaks beautifully and kinda says, "Aw shucks!" every now and again, but doesn't really have any understanding of the words it's producing, even though it's producing them very accurately…

    "I'm sorry, Michael Palin, to say you're not the funniest Palin anymore. But you're not."

    See also, John Cleese's "Ode to Sean Hannity."

    (via Andrew Sullivan)

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  • John Cleese's "Ode to Sean Hannity"

    Last night, on The Countdown, Keith Olbermann recited a special poem for Sean Hannity that was written by none other than Monthy Python's John Cleese

    Ode to Sean Hannity
    by John Cleese

    Aping urbanity
    Oozing with vanity
    Plump as a manatee
    Faking humanity
    Journalistic calamity
    Intellectual inanity
    Fox Noise insanity
    You're a profanity

    You can see Olbermann's reading here on MSNBC's site (at about the 2:40 mark).

    You know, it's kinda funny. Just the other day, I wrote a poem for Sean Hannity, too. It just came to me while I was watching Fox News after the last debate…

    Poem for Sean Hannity
    by Dennis DiClaudio

    Hey, Sean Hannity
    Fuck you

    Mine's got more of a beatnik feel to it.

    Cleese's is better.

    Update: Your poems are already waaaay better than mine, so I'm gonna open this up. Drop your own Hannity-inspired poems in the comments, and I'll pick out a few of my favorites to post. Thanks.

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  • Ann Coulter Not Really Naked in Not Real WSJ

    I would love to know how many self-described liberals have shame-bated to this way-too-photorealistic rendering of Ann Coulter in panties and high heels from the new My Wall Street Journal, the parody paper that News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch has reportedly been trying to make disappear.

    Just like the real Wall Street Journal's credibility.

    "This guy comes by all the time to bring promotional stuff for The Wall Street Journal — bags, coin trays, stickers," [newsstand worker] Mr. Laurence said.

    Sure enough, they found what he was looking for. "He grabbed them all, said, 'I need to buy all of these,'" Mr. Laurence said. "He had been going around to different stands, buying them."The man paid with a corporate American Express card. "

    At first he's saying they have to make a correction or it's not supposed to be out yet," Mr. Metz said. "But then he said these are not published by The Wall Street Journal."

    Aw, that's sweet. Sounds like Rupert Murdoch's trying to support this journalistic upstart, which includes contributions from The Onion's Todd Hanson, Andy Borowitz, Monty Python's Terry Jones and Indecision 2008 contributing writer Jeff Kreisler.

    Or he just really likes that picture of Ann Coulter.

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