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  • Hipsters-in-Chief: A "Proud" American Tradition

    Whether we're comfortable with it or not, America will forever be saddled with the legacy of the hipster. Besides giving birth to phenomenon, we kind of embody it. We're youngish and cocky, and we think we know better than everybody else, and please don't make us listen to anything you have to say because we really don't want to hear about it. If you need us, we'll be talking amongst ourselves, mutilating our natural beauty and making fun of the way you dress.

    Speaking of which, Alexandra Govere — of MTV's Power of 12 political blog — has done us all a great service by listing the top five Presidential (and First Ladial) hipsters, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt

    The Nature Guy is a staple in hipster circles. He’s the one whose profile pic is of him reading in a tree, or meditating on an elephant, or doing anything in a grand, outdoorsy setting that makes it very hard to make out how hot he is if you are not Facebook friends with him. Damn privacy settings.

    Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was born a hipster. If a man with a stuffed bear's name does not qualify as hipsterific irony, I don’t know what does. It seems only natural that a man named after an animal* would go on to protect them. As President, the conservation of America's natural resources was one of Roosevelt’s top priorities. In 1903, he made Pelican Island, Florida, the U.S.' first National Wildlife Refuge. He went on to protect nearly 230 million acres of land. Pshhhh… And the hipster with a tomato plant on his windowsill calls himself a nature guy!

    I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that George Washington didn't make the list. I mean, that guy was hanging out in Williamsburg, like, two centuries before it was cool. And what about Abe Lincoln's skinny pants? Not to mention his casual bisexuality. I don't know, seems like this list could be expanded.

    To learn more about hipsterism in American presidential politics, read Indecision Delegate Jordan Carlos' thought-provoking essay "Rebranding the GOP for the Hipster Vote."


    * Yes, we're all aware that Teddy Roosevelt was actually named after Teddy Roosevelt. Not vice versa. So, hold your fire, well-meaning pedants.

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  • America's Youth Prepare to Rally for Old Man Paul

    Andrew Jenks — who's covering the Iowa caucuses for MTV News — sits down in an Iowa bar with some members of Ron Paul's Tweenage Army to find out what attracted them to the ideas of a 76-year-old zine editor.

    It's not a very long interview. I imagine at some point a bouncer came around carding, and these guys had to take off through the bathroom window…

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  • The Workaholics Guys Cast White Obama at the VMAs

    From The CC Insider

    It's pretty much unanimously agreed upon that when they make a movie about Barack Obama, the POTUS should be played by Jaden Smith, right? Thought so. But what if the Obama movie coincides with a remake of Boomerang and a sequel to Waiting to Exhale and every African American actor in Hollywood is booked, so they have to cast a white guy? At last night's MTV Video Music Awards, the dudes from Workaholics shared some pretty good ideas. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for a Nick Swardson video photobomb.

    The second season of Workaholics premieres Tuesday, September 20, and the second season of Nick Swardson's Pretend Time premieres Wednesday, October 5.

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  • Congress Is About to Find Out What Happens When Politicians Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

    So, Sean Duffy has a resume full of backstabbing, attention-whoring and childish infighting? And now he thinks he can be a congressperson?

    Sean Duffy, who appeared on the Boston-set sixth season of The Real World in 1997 and is married to Rachel Campos of The Real World: San Francisco, is now a United States congressman.

    Last night the 39-year-old Republican and former district attorney was elected by the good people of Wisconsin’s seventh congressional district to be their man in the House of Representatives.

    Uh oh. This guy had better not turn Congress into a joke.

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  • McCain Tweets Snooki, End Nears

    From Tosh.0 Blog

    In the preview for next season's Jersey Shore Snooki says, "I don’t go tanning-tanning anymore because Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning…He did that because of us.” The above tweet from McCain to Snooki is a response to that.

    Let's break this down. Senator John McCain was watching a preview of Jersey Shore and thought, this is the perfect opportunity to give my stance on tanning bed tax. So he logged on to Twitter and responded directly to Snooki with a promise that he would never tax tanning and a pun about The Situation.

    So…that's it, right? The end of the world. This is where we pack it in.

    Dear World,We had a good run. Maybe next time.


    (via Mediaite)

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