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  • Barack Obama Losing Hollywood Cash Over Opposition to SOPA

    It must be a really awful feeling when you put so time, effort and money into the hobbling of an entire international information network in the interest of buying an extra Mercedes Benz for your daughter's 13th birthday only to see the President of the United States express his measured and highly-equivocal non-support.

    Doesn't surprise me at all to see the top suits in Hollywood threatening to withhold their campaign contributions to Obama over this whole SOPA thing. I mean, if they can't buy a new technological Dark Age, then what good are all their billions of dollars anyway?

    "We just feel very let down by the administration and Obama for not supporting us," one studio chief explained to [Deadline Hollywood]. "At least let him remain neutral and not go against it until we can get the legislation right. But Obama went against it. I'm personally not going to support him anymore and not give a dime anymore," another movie mogul who's also a well-known Obama supporter told me this week…

    Several moguls have informed Obama’s newly anointed Hollywood re-election liason to the entertainment community Nicole Avant and her husband who is helping her, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos, that they are pulling out of major fundraisers planned over the next few days and won’t participate in any more headed by Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (whom they see as in the pocket of the Internet giants like Google)…

    Alarmed by the mogul boycott, Sarandos sent a personal plea to the Hollywood studio chiefs over the weekend begging them to continue supporting the Obama re-election campaign even though he knows they are disappointed with the Obama administration's position on the piracy bills. Several moguls, in response, "sent back word saying 'Fuck You' basically," one insider tells me, expressing how they feel used and abused by the President despite their campaign contributions.

    Ugh, what a bummer of a story! I don't like it at all. It needs a happier ending. The President needs to come to his senses at the last possible moment, push SOPA through Congress and then shut down the entire Internet. And somehow that should make all the online pirates get electrocuted or something. (Look, it's not my job to figure out WHY. Just make it happen.)

    Oh, and let's give the main Hollywood mogul a sidekick. Something cute. But also badass. Something that'll appeal to kids and adults, men and women, black people and white people. Like a gremlin who's kind of Asian-looking and supercool. He should rap. Let's make him CGI. But not that fake-looking CGI, the good kind. The kind you can't tell is CGI, but looks CGI. You know what I mean. And, fuck it! Let's get Michael Bay to direct it, and Meryl Streep will play Margaret Thatcher playing Barack Obama. It'll make $500 million the first weekend, and it'll win 40 Academy Awards.

    And the best part is it'll make everybody realize how wrong they were to stop shoveling money into the Hollywood machine.

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  • Rick Santorum Pledges Never to Sit Where Democrats Are Sitting

    As if anyone needed more proof that Rick Santorum is wildly sexually inexperienced

    Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum told a Spartanburg crowd Wednesday that the only woman he's ever sat on a couch with is his wife, a not-so-subtle dig at former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who appeared seated next to Democrat Nancy Pelosi in a 2008 ad urging action on climate change.

    Wait, the couch thing wasn't about sex, or how much of it Newt Gingrich has had with women who weren't his wife?

    Aright, I'm curious where Rick's going with this. Maybe he can explain why Gingrich sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, discussing an issue that pretty much every scientist believes to be true, is so bad…

    "Judgment matters," Santorum said. "When the winds are blowing, what we've seen with Romney and Gingrich is that they put their sails up and they go. I tack against the wind. I stand up for the values that I know are true."

    Ah, yes. Judgment does matter. Well, not the judgment of the scientific community on human contributions to climate change. Or the judgment of gays who feel marginalized because they don't get to have families.

    But, you know, judgment when it comes to sitting near someone on a couch. Then judgment matters.

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  • Quote Unquote: AAUGH!

    Nancy Pelosi on John Boehner, concerning the congressional stalemate over extending the payroll tax cut

    "He is not Lucy and we are not Charlie Brown."

    No, I'd say it's more like an Itchy and Scratchy kind of situation. Or maybe more like that guy from Saw and all those people from Saw.

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  • Nancy Pelosi Promises to Use Her Station to Malign Newt Gingrich's Name

    Lest you were concerned that Democrats might threaten to take the high road in the general election

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is holding back some information on Republican Newt Gingrich that could detract from his presidential campaign, according to a report published Monday.

    "One of these days we’ll have a conversation about Newt Gingrich," Pelosi told Talking Points Memo. "When the time is right… I know a lot about him. I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. A thousand pages of his stuff."

    First of all, is she actually allowed to release, for overtly political reasons, sensitive information about a candidate that was gathered in the service of an official congressional investigation?

    Second of all, Eeeewwwwwwwww.

    Not that I actually think that a guy who shut down the federal government because he didn't get to sit where he wanted to on the fun plane ride, or who led the charge to impeach a sitting president for adultery while carrying on an adulterous relationship himself, is himself above such ethically-challenged behavior. But somebody's got to act like an adult around there, don't they?*


    * Actually, they don't.

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  • Ron Paul and Nancy Pelosi Oppose Breaking the Internet

    Faced with the unsettling news that Congress is still somehow more popular than Fidel Castro, a bipartisan group of representatives began an effort to rectify the situation by holding hearings on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which would punish companies for posting pirated content online and prove that censoring the Internet isn't just for authoritarian communist states anymore.

    But a few Members of Congress think shutting down all access to a domain because a user uploaded copyrighted material to a website is going just a little bit too far…

    More recently, we've seen growing opposition within Congress itself. The latest SOPA opponent: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

    Reacting to a tweet from San Francisco resident Jeffrey Rodman, the San Francisco Democrat tweeted on Thursday that her colleagues "need to find a better solution than #SOPA." She also urged Congress: "#DontBreakTheInternet." This seems to be the first time Pelosi has weighed in on the SOPA debate, and it suggests that the concerns of SOPA's critics are being heard on the Democratic side of the aisle.

    And Pelosi is far from the only member of Congress opposed to the legislation. On Tuesday, ten members of Congress signed a "dear colleague" letter expressing concerns with the bill. The signers were nine Democrats plus Rep Ron Paul (R-TX), a libertarian-leaning candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

    Maybe, but then again, when someone on the bus sneezes in your face, is the proper response to hand them a tissue and ask them to excuse themselves? Or, should you take out a gun and blow their brains out? Sure, the first solution is "targeted" and commensurate with the offense, but the second is oh so satisfying and permanent.

    Such is the thinking of SOPA sponsor and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, who believes the appropriate reaction to our favorite series of tubes being clogged with pirated material is to rip up the pipes and bludgeon the high-tech and social-media industry until the piracy stops. And who (except politicians of wildly divergent opinions like Nancy Pelosi and Ron Paul, and law professors, and engineers, and civil libertarians) could disagree?

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