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  • John McCain Courting New Hampshire One NASCAR Driver at a Time

    Yesterday John McCain brought his pro-drilling energy campaign to the group that made mass oil consumption cool again… NASCAR drivers!

    Appearing solo in toss-up New Hampshire, McCain identified his core constituency in the state and hit 'em where they live

    John McCain's campaign made sure there was no chance he would face a paltry crowd in his first stop without his media star running mate, Sarah Palin. That stop was today at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, capacity more than 95,000, before the Sylvania 300 NASCAR race.

    And with no Palin to provide intrigue, McCain instead worked the crowd with a handful of racing celebrities, including…

    * Richard Petty, seven time Daytona 500 champion who knows a thing or two about losing political campaigns.

    * Joe Gibbs, owner of Joe Gibbs racing and this year's presenter of the annual "Steve Largent/J.C. Watts Football Metaphors Speech at the RNC."

    * Curt Schilling, who is not actually affiliated with NASCAR but always seems to pop up around Republican candidates and people who will put him on TV.

    But in the spirit of Sarah Palin, McCain should really be courting Danica Patrick, who broke a racing glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to finish fourth at the Indianapolis 500!

    The only problem is that Patrick isn't technically part of NASCAR; she's with IndyCar. And while that's nowhere near as French as Formula 1, it also isn't patriotic enough to warrant an actual McCain pandering session.

    Guess that'll have to fall to a low-level aide instead.

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