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  • Mike Huckabee Unfairly Saving All the Good Bad Quotes for Right-Wing Media

    As Stephen points out here, the problem is not that Mike Huckabee is going around making a bunch of baseless, conspiracy-theory-esque, liberal-baiting comments on right-leaning media outlets. It's that he's not sharing fairly!

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  • Mike Huckabee Makes Brave Stance Against Natalie Portman

    Wow. Mike Huckabee, he is really putting on the conservative charm these days, no?

    While talking to conservative radio person Mike Medved yesterday, he came out with with both guns swinging (that's a phrase, right?) against America's unwed mother sweetheart, Bristol Palin.

    No, scratch that. Not her. Who's that other America's unwed mother sweetheart? Oh, that's right

    Mike Huckabee is highlighting what he considers a symbol of degraded American values: Oscar winner Natalie Portman.

    The former Arkansas governor and possible Republican presidential candidate criticized the actress this week on a conservative radio show for being pregnant and unmarried…

    Huckabee, a baptist minister who ran for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination, said when wealthy actresses have children without being married, they set a bad example for the rest of America.

    Clearly, minding your own fucking business is not a cherished American value. If it were, well, there would be no such thing as Mike Huckabee, presidential hopeful. There would only be, Mike Huckabee, guy you've never heard of.

    And, also, last I checked, Natalie Portman is engaged to the father of her unborn child. (Not that it should matter, but whatever.) And, also, I'm pretty sure she's a 29-year-old woman who has graduated from Harvard University and is widely considered to be one of the more dedicated and hardworking actresses in Hollywood and only became pregnant after delivering her Oscar-winning performance in an Oscar-nominated film.

    But, yeah, I see his point. Terrible example for America.

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