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Natural Disasters
  • Steve King Worries Relief Funds Might Be Spent on Gucci Bags

    One of the worst things about Halloween are the dumb costumes many adults choose to wear. For example, at last night's congressional debate, Iowa Rep. Steve King came dressed as a douchebag

    "I want to get them the resources that are necessary to lift them out of this water and the sand and the ashes and the death that's over there in the East Coast and especially in the Northeast," King said during a Tuesday evening debate in Mason City, Iowa.

    So far, so good! You're doing so well…

    "But not one big shot to just open up the checkbook, because they spent it on Gucci bags and massage parlors and everything you can think of in addition to what was necessary," he said later, referring to Hurricane Katrina.

    Two points in King's favor: One, that was a very convincing rendition of a douchebag. Two, at least he didn't make an attempt at being a sexy douchebag.

    Sadly, I have to take points off for creativity. That costume is virtually indistinguishable from King's every day persona.

    Photo by Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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  • Hurricane Sandy Is Destroying America

    It's really a shame.   Insert Candidate Here   came so close!   Insert Candidate Here   was totally going to win this thing. But then Hurricane Sandy came along and   Insert Unlikely Though Imaginative Rationalization Here  , and now we're all going to have to deal with four years of   Insert Dubious Straw Man Belief About Opponent's Policies Here.

    This is truly a sad day for America

    Given how close this election is, it won’t be surprising if the losing side ends up blaming Sandy, whether it’s fair or not. You could argue that Sandy has both elevated the president and stopped the momentum narrative for Romney. But you could also contend that Sandy has kept the president off the campaign trail for at least three days.

    Just like Kerry partisans blamed bin Laden video in ’04, Bush folks blamed the DUI story in ’00 and McCain folks blamed Lehman collapse in ’08, Sandy will get the blame from the losing side, period.

    I don't care what the polls say.   Insert Other Candidate Here   is not my president because   Insert Nonsensical Xenophobic Conspiracy Theory Here  .

    (via Political Wire)

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  • Michelle Obama Demands That We All "Stay Safe"

    Okay, this time she has just gone too far

    First Lady Michelle Obama took to Twitter on Tuesday to express her sympathy for those affected by superstorm Sandy.

    "To everyone affected by the hurricane, Barack and my thoughts continue to be with you and your families today, and please stay safe. –mo," she tweeted.

    First she wants us eat more healthily, and now she wants us to "stay safe"? I am just sick to death of this nanny state big government meddling.

    I'll tell you what. I'm gonna go play with a downed power line. And I'd like to see Michelle Obama try to stop me. Love it or leave it!

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  • QUIZ: Campaign Setback or Hurricane Damage?

    Hurricane Sandy has upset the final days of the campaign cycle (not to mention Donald Trump's stupid nonsensical Obama bargain thing). As the candidates survey the storm's aftermath, can you tell whether they're referring to campaign blunders or hurricane damage?

    1. "The damage is extensive but… we probably have gotten through this better than some people might have thought." This was:

    a) Michael Bloomberg referring to the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy.
    b) Richard Mourdock commenting on the fallout from his comments about rape.

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  • Quote Unquote: Hurricane Update

    New York State Assembly member Phillip Goldfeder gives an update on his district


    "In Breezy Point, whatever is not flooded is on fire."


    From this, I think we can extrapolate that anything that is neither flooded nor on fire is not in Breezy Point. That's got to have some useful application, right?

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