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Natural Disasters
  • Mitt Romney to Hold "Storm Relief" Events

    I think, regardless of your ideological bent, you can appreciate the tough spot that Mitt Romney finds himself in today.

    It's one week till Election Day, and he's trailing slightly in the most crucial states, and suddenly a storm hits and now — not only can he not campaign for fear of looking insensitive, but the President gets to go on television and look presidential in a time of emergency while being lavished with bipartisan praise for the job he and the federal government are doing. A job which, it might be worth mentioning, Romney has gone on record as saying, a president and the federal government should not do. So, yeah, tough spot to be in.

    So, what do you do? Well, there's not much to do. But, you've got to do something. And this is probably it

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  • Chris Christie Says Nice Things About Barack Obama

    Those of you who woke up on the East Coast may be tempted to believe that, during the night, your domicile was picked up and swept away to a magical far off land where up is down and left is right and Happy Endings is as clever as people pretend it is and Republicans have decent things to say about Democratic presidents.

    And, who knows, maybe you have been

    On NBC's "Today," Christie said the president had been "outstanding" and FEMA's response has been "excellent."

    The GOP governor also sent out a thankful tweet: "I want to thank the President personally for all his assistance as w recover from the storm."

    "It's been very good working with the president," Christie said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "He and his administration have been coordinating with us. It’s been wonderful."

    Okay, now, you may think that such nice words for Barack Obama and the federal government coming from a Republican governor would reflect well upon the President as we head into the final week of election season, but actually nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, this proves what conservatives have been saying about Obama and Big Government all along. And for a very simple reason.

    Because… Hold on, on give a second here. I've got this this. It's because… it shows… that… um… Well, hang on. It undeniably proves that… given certain… parameters… of the… Overton window…

    Look, the guy's a socialist. And we can't afford four more years of his failed policies. Also, something something Iran.

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  • Hurricane Sandy: Morning Update

    Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy (no relation), the Comedy Central offices are closed today and several members of the Indecision team are without power or sweet, sweet Internet access today. So, posting may be a bit light. So, apologies in advance.

    If you're looking for a way to help out with disaster relief, here's a few option…

    * Donate to the Red Cross online.

    * Make an simple $10 donation by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999.

    * Donate to the Humane Society to help their rescue team care for displaced pets.

    Above all else, be safe.

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  • A Libertarian Guide to Surviving Hurricane Sandy

    While all of us in the Middle Atlantic and Northeastern states will have to deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the storm poses special challenges for the ideologically pure. They say that just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no libertarians in hurricanes, but that's simply not accurate. In fact, there are a few simple steps you can take to ride out the storm while maintaining your (privately-paved) Randian street cred…

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  • Christian Pastor Wins Race to Blame Hurricane Sandy on the Gays

    As Hurricane Sandy barrels up the Eastern seaboard,  those of us who have already made the appropriate preparations are left with only two questions…

    1) What did the gays do this time to bring on the storm? Was it New York State's new gay marriage law, Maryland and Maine's referendums on marriage equality, or the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series? And…

    2) Who will win the douchebag prize for winning the race to make the above connection?

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