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  • Mitt Romney vs. Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport

    What separates the electable among us from the also-rans? A deep commitment to principle? A nuanced understanding of public policy? A keen insight into how the minutiae of governmental functions affects the average American? Haha, no. In fact, it's hard to pin down the ineffable qualities that separate regular sociopaths from the sociopaths who manage to win public office, but there are some traits that clearly help. Good hair. Money. A strong jaw line.

    Which raises the question: Who is more electable, Mitt Romney or Bobby Newport, heir to the Sweetums fortune and candidate for Pawnee city council on NBC's Parks & Recreation?


    Round One: Penchant for Platitudinous Oratory

    "I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that's the America millions of Americans believe in. That's the America I love." – Mitt Romney

    "I'm against crime and I'm not ashamed to admit it." – Bobby Newport

    Advantage: Romney


    Round Two:  Family Wealth

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  • Join Indecision for This Sunday's Meet the Press

    David AxelrodDownload our free app and follow our live coverage of NBC's Meet the Press, Sunday 4/22 @ 10:30 a.m. ET. David Axelrod and his mustache will stop by to discuss Obama's re-election strategy, and probably talk about how it sucks that Rick Santorum dropped out.

    As a bonus, Republican congressmen Darrell Issa and Peter King will be there to offer measured, nuanced responses to the recent GSA and Social Security scandals.

    So join us. There's no better way to stay moderately informed.

    Photo by William B. Plowman/NBC Universal/Getty Images

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  • Chelsea Clinton Is Boring, Won't Discuss Her Dad's Hummer

    Imagine being a TV news correspondent when you're the only thing anyone ever wants to talk about. And not even you really, but your dad. Specifically, that thing your dad was impeached for back in 1998.  That's a parental shadow that would make most of us scurry back into a hole in the ground, but Chelsea Clinton is still trying to make a go of it in spite of being panned by several brave, anonymous NBC executives.

    To add insult to critique, The Washington Post recently called her "one of the most boring people of her era." Keep in mind that era includes Kim Kardashian and at least 80% of the people who have Tumblr accounts dedicated to their cats, and that is quite an insult. To add even injury to that insult, here is an excerpt from an article that refers to her as, "TV's Dork Diva"…

    Almost everyone I spoke to for this story — from within NBC and at other networks as well — agree that that problem is that she won’t talk about the one thing that makes her undeniably compelling. How did it feel to be Chelsea Clinton during the Monica years? In the past, she’s responded angrily to that question. "It’s none of your business," she told an audience after being questioned about it on the 2008 campaign trail.

    That line doesn’t play anymore, now that she’s entered the family business of living in public. "What’s she giving us?" one NBC executive, who sees Chelsea regularly, asks. "There’s that wall that needs to be torn down. She sounds like a smart and intelligent woman, but there are lots of smart and intelligent women." Until she’s willing to answer the Monica question, or any real question — to finally open her soul to public view, paying the required tribute to the media gods, to have her Oprah moment — it’s unlikely she’ll be given a warm public embrace. "Is she just boring," wonders the NBC exec. "Or can she come out of her shell?"

    Like the executive quoted above, I too get incredibly bored whenever someone won't vomit up every last chunk of their personal life to me so I can profit from it.

    I guess they just don't make them like Patti Davis anymore.

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  • The Daily Show on the Outrage Over NBC's Selective Editing

    How dare NBC change the context of a raw bit of audio clip to push a pre-conceived narrative… without paying the due royalties to Fox News?

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    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.


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  • No One Is Following Ron Paul Around Anymore

    Ron Paul

    While Newt Gingrich's poor primary performance hasn't diminished his media coverage, the same can't be said for poor old Ron Paul.

    As Politico's Dylan Byers reports today, the Paul campaign doesn't have a single embedded reporter left

    A couple weeks back I noted that Ron Paul, the lonely delegate hunter, had only one full-time, embedded reporter on his trail: Anthony Terrell of NBC News. Other reporters have provided some coverage of the candidate, but for the last few weeks Terrell was the only proverbial boy on the bus.

    But now, Ron Paul is officially embedless. Earlier this week, NBC decided that Terrell would transition off the trail and back to his job with MSNBC, though a spokesperson there would not comment on the move.

    Meanwhile, outlets that have been providing frequent but not full coverage, including Fox News, have no intention of putting a reporter back out full-time.

    This is so inconvenient. Now when I want to know what's going on with Ron Paul, I'll have to go, basically, anywhere on the Internet. It's the end of an era. An era no one cares about anymore. Like the Gold Rush.

    NBC's decision probably didn't go over well with the Ron Paul Nation. Although it's kind of hard to tell since all their comments are already in bold all-caps font.

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