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  • Republicans Develop Awesome New Legal Defense

    For months, Democrats have been arguing that voter suppression by Republican state legislatures and election officials represented a much greater threat to democracy than the non-existent problem of voter fraud. Unfortunately for liberals, Republicans have been doing a pretty good job of proving them wrong, by engaging in said voter fraud. In the process, they've developed a novel legal defense that, I believe, will transform the criminal justice system.

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  • Republican Proves Voter Fraud Exists by Engaging In It

    Hey! Republicans have been banging the voter fraud drum for a while now, trying to make people understand that this is a real issue that could potentially undermine our democracy. (Or, worse yet, undermine Republican efforts to undermine our democracy.)

    And those Democrats, did they listen? Ha! No, they just stood there and laughed in the face of potential disaster. Well, who's laughing now, Democrats?

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  • Ron Paul May Cost Mitt Romney Nevada

    Ron PaulThough Nevada took a turn to the right in the 2010 elections, the state increasingly looks out of reach for Mitt Romney. One reason for his troubles, according to Heidi Smith, a member of the Republican executive board from Washoe County:  "The Ron Paul People…"

    And Smith says the Ron Paul people are a small but powerful minority and that the rest of the party wasn't prepared for them.

    They were able to take over Clark County's Republican organization, that's where Las Vegas is, and then the state party. Washoe County, in the north, is where Reno is and together, the two counties account for about 93 per cent of Nevada's population of 2.7 million people.

    How is anyone surprised? Ron Paul was always going to be popular in a state that cares about its precious metals.

    And after the way Paul supporters were treated by the establishment GOP, it's little wonder that Paululons would have little enthusiasm for the Republican nominee…

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  • Nevada Candidates Debate Who Is More Black (It's Probably the Black Guy)

    The debate began when Danny Tarkanian, a Republican House candidate in Nevada, accused his Democratic opponent, Nevada Senate Majority Leader Horsford of being insufficiently in tune to the needs of the district's African American community

    "They didn't say what the racist comment was — I'm still trying to figure out what it was," Tarkanian said. "Should we not work within the black community? … We could be like Steven Horsford, who's not doing anything with that community — and you know, pretend we're black and maybe try to get some votes if that's where it is. It's that extent that they're going to."

    …but devolved into the suggestion that Horfsord was pretending to be black. There are two pieces of evidence to weigh in this case. On the one hand, there's Tarkanian's original comment, which prompted the original charge of racial insensitivity…

    "My dad's worked in that community for a long time. And my mother has," Tarkanian said. "My basketball academy, which is very close to the district, has a lot of players and families in that district that are in our academy now for 10 years."

    Maybe that's a little crass, but c'mon, he loves his hoops! 3 Melanin points for Tarkanian!

    On the other hand, Tarkanian is the guy pictured on the right, Horsford on the left. This is one of those, we report, you decide situations.

    Photos by Douglas Graham/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images and Steven Horsford

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  • Democrats Going Indy in Swing States

    Four years ago, a young good-looking charismatic junior senator from Illinois popped up on the national radar, and it was pretty tough to avoid getting pulled in by his tractor beam of coolness. Consequently, lots of voters ended up identifying with Barack Obama and his Democratic Party establishment. He was a rock star. He was an outsider. He was a rebel. Or so it seemed.

    Now, four years later, he's looking a lot more dad-like. He's getting pretty gray. His hipster-nerd jokes seem less hip and more nerdy. He plays with a lightsaber. He wears mom jeans. Mom jeans!

    I think that might go a long way toward explaining why so many voters in swing states are looking to reestablish their indy cred

    The collective total of independents grew by about 443,000 in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Carolina since the 2008 election, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from state election officials.

    During the same time, Democrats saw a net decline of about 480,000 in those six states, while Republicans — boosted in part by a competitive primary earlier this year — added roughly 38,000 voters in them, the analysis shows.

    If I were David Plouffe or David Axelrod — any David on the Obama campaign staff, really — I'd be looking to get Obama cast in a Tarantino movie or something.

    Or he might want to consider going full-frontal in an upcoming press conference. That could also work.

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