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  • Mitt Romney Losing Ground in Swing States

    With the general election just a few short months away, it's critical for Mitt Romney to reach out to the important swing states, focus on talking to the people who live there and allow the voters there to get to know him.

    Unfortunately, that carries with it certain dangers. Such as the danger that the voters there might get to know him

    Among the voters in our poll living in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, Obama's lead over Romney increases to 50%-42%.

    Also in these swing states, Romney's favorability numbers have dropped: A month ago, Romney's fav/unfav score stood at 34%/38% nationally and 36%-36% in these 12 swing states. But in this latest survey, his national fav/unfav score is 33%-39% (that 39% unfav is tied with his all-time high) and 30%-41% in the swing states.

    It's probably for the best to keep him away from swing staters for a little while longer. Like maybe just four or five months. After that, definitely get him out there.

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  • More Nevadans Support Brothels than Same-Sex Marriage

    It's strange that Nevadans have such unfavorable views of their elected officials — normally, Nevada voters love prostitutes. In fact, support for legal brothels is one issues that crosses party lines.

    A recent Public Policy Polling survey found that 66% of Republicans, 66% of Democrats and 58% of Independents agreed that brothels should be legal, as opposed to just 23% of all Nevada voters who believed they should be banned. Even the ideological landscape divide is muted, with 72% of "very liberal" voters supporting brothels compared to 50% of "very conservative voters."

    But though there's no prohibition on gay sex in brothels, there is a prohibition on gay and lesbian partners forming state-sanctioned families together. And many brothel-supporting Nevadans would like to keep it that way. According to a recent survey, Nevadans are split on same-sex marriage by a 45-44% margin, with 67% of Democrats supporting equality, compared to just 20% of Republicans.

    The results highlight the strength of traditional family values. After all, historically, marriage is an institution involving a man, a woman, and the  the women with whom the man is cheating on his wife.

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  • Barack Obama's June Gloom

    Barack Obama

    If May was gray for President Obama, June has been doom and gloom. After the slew of bad mojo last week, White House press secretary Jay Carney was thrown to the media dingos to answer some uncomfortable questions during Monday’s briefing

    The AP asked about the president’s unfortunate private-sector-is-fine remark. The Reuters correspondent asked about the economic "head winds" from Europe. Ed Henry of Fox News Channel asked about the looming contempt-of-Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News asked about the Supreme Court striking down Obamacare. Norah O'Donnell of CBS News asked about calls for a special prosecutor to probe leaks. Victoria Jones of Talk Radio News asked about the stalled talks with Pakistan.

    Carney sought relief by calling on TV correspondents from swing states, but the one from Wisconsin asked about the failed attempt to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the one from Nevada asked about her state’s unemployment rate, the nation’s highest.

    Talk then headed back to commerce secretary John Bryson's hit-and-run felony citation, the only remotely feel-good story of the week. It turns out a medical condition and not "going Lohan" was to blame for Bryson's erratic driving.

    That was a close call, but maybe it's time for President Obama to put an ankle monitor on all his cabinet members. Keep everyone on lock down until November. Nobody wants to see a picture of David Axelrod climbing into his car after a night of clubbing with his thong showing. Also, no more Fast and Furious for Eric Holder.

    And, for God's sake, nobody let the economy take the Porsche out for a spin.

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  • Obama Official Resigns Over Spending on Clown, Comedian and Mind Reader

    A clown, a comedian and a mind reader walk into a Las Vegas bar. The bartender says, "This joke is going to be really funny when the General Services Administration Inspector General's report is released…"

    The chief of the General Services Administration resigned, two of her top deputies were fired and four managers were placed on leave Monday amid reports of lavish spending at a conference off the Las Vegas Strip that featured a clown, a mind reader and a $31,208 reception.

    Among the "excessive, wasteful and in some cases impermissable" spending the inspector general documented: $5,600 for three semi-private catered in-room parties and $44 per person daily breakfasts; $75,000 for a "team-building" exercise — the goal was to build a bicycle; $146,000 on catered food and drinks; and $6,325 on commemorative coins in velvet boxes to reward all participants for their work on stimulus projects. The $31,208 "networking" reception featured a $19-per-person artisanal cheese display and $7,000 of sushi. At the conference's closing-night dinner, employees received "yearbooks" with their pictures, at a cost of $8,130.

    I think the real problem here is that they only spent $3,200 on the mind reader. The government is always penny-wise and pound-foolish. For a slightly larger appropriation, they could have gotten a clairvoyant that would have foreseen this whole fiasco.

    As for Administrator Martha Johnson, who is the official taking the fall for this, she had only arrived at the GSA in April 2010, while the conference took place in October. So in all seriousness, Johnson probably had little opportunity to put a stop to the affair, given how long in advance such events are planned.

    Given the integrity she has shown in tendering her resignation, the best solution may be to put her in charge of the war in Afghanistan. If she only wastes  $823,000 — the full cost of the Las Vegas conference — that would constitute just .27% of what the United States spends every single day on the Afghan war.

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  • Donald Trump Graciously Gives Himself Credit for Romney's NV Win

    Donald Trump was on Fox and Friends this morning discussing Mitt Romney's caucus win in Nevada this past weekend and just generally being Donald Trump, which is to say, a broadly-drawn caricature of Donald Trump

    "There was a lot riding on that particular race in Nevada and it was interesting, because the numbers were much, much greater than you thought," Trump gloated. "And a lot of people are giving me credit for that. And I will accept that credit."…

    "I like Newt a lot, but I think Mitt Romney is going to win the election against Obama," Trump observed. "I really believe that. I think Obama will not do well and won’t do as well as people are thinking he's going to do, and I think that Mitt Romney is going to win the election. But there was a lot of confusion as to who I was going to endorse and frankly, that made things exciting!"

    I, for one, am happy to see this softer, more humble side of Donald Trump. Okay, yes, he's taking credit for several weeks and half-a-million dollars worth of campaigning after dropping his endorsement into the bucket two days before voting began and long after all polling showed a massive blowout coming Romney's way.

    But he's not taking credit for the New York Giants' defeat of the New England Patriots* in yesterday's Super Bowl game. And I think that shows genuine growth of character.


    * I should note that the only acceptable outcome of last night's game was somehow for both teams to lose. And for a piece of a broadcasting satellite to fall on Madonna. Alas.

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