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New Hampshire
  • James O'Keefe May Face Jail Time for Heroic Journalism Prank

    These are tough times we're living in folks! Our country is under assault from people who want to do all kinds of vaguely nefarious things. Things that probably involve literal boat-loads of dildos and Muslims living quiet unmolested lives and poor people haphazardly casting votes for things they aren't smart enough to comprehend. That's why we need to people like James O'Keefe out there to even the score. To strike a blow for the big guy.

    So, it really pains me to see James O'Keefe — who happens to be the person most like James O'Keefe — being subjugated under the cruel yoke of laws that were clearly written for less heroic people

    [Nashua City Clerk Paul] Bergeron said this morning he believes the filmmakers may have committed a federal crime, as well, if they crossed state lines to record the undercover video, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    "It's against the law to steal, so if you go out and steal and then put up a video and say, 'Look, I stole something,' that's a crime. What these people did was a crime; they stole a person's identity and used it to try to obtain a ballot that would be used in a state election," said Bergeron.

    "They recorded it without election officials' knowledge, which apears to be a violation of our New Hampshire wiretapping codes, and some of these are out of state residents, so I don't know if violations of wiretapping or ID theft could hold up in court, but if they crossed state lines to commit these crimes, it may be a federal crime as well. This is serious; we won't tolerate voter fraud, regardless of what the intent might be," Bergeron said.

    Oh, really, Mr. Nashua City Clerk? I wonder what your tone would be if it turned out that the voter fraud was done to help lesbian communists train black children to be terrorists for Mexican drug cartels?

    Your double standards sicken me!

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  • Stephen Colbert Considers Considering a Presidential Run

    You have to admit, this makes perfect sense. Anyone who can outpoll Jon Huntsman by a whole percentage point clearly has a serious shot at the presidency.

    Coverage continues with Stephen's major announcement concerning a majorer announcement after the jump.

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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  • James O'Keefe Catches Himself Committing Voter Fraud

    Conservatives finally have evidence of one of those voter fraud conspiracies they've been warning us about for years. This has got to be a huge vindication for them.

    The only small thing is that they had to pull it off themselves. Without that, though, it would have been perfect

    James O'Keefe's latest video features surrogates appearing to commit voter fraud in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary election, all in an attempt to highlight voter fraud, a problem which is by-and-large nonexistent in the Granite State.

    The undercover video shows unnamed individuals working at O'Keefe's behest approaching polling stations throughout New Hampshire. After poll workers asked for the person’s name, O’Keefe’s agents gave the name of a voter who died within the past few weeks, before then receiving a ballot to vote. The individuals asked the poll workers if they needed ID to prove their identity, and when poll workers confirmed that they did not, O'Keefe's men insisted on returning to their car to retrieve their ID and returned the ballot.

    Okay, that's all well and good. But did O'Keefe actually catch him and his friends committing a crime? Don't worry, everyone. Yes indeed they did

    Now election law experts tell TPM that O'Keefe's allies could face criminal charges on both the federal and state level for procuring ballots under false names, and that his undercover sting doesn’t demonstrate a need for voter ID laws at all.

    Federal law bans not only the casting of, but the "procurement" of ballots "that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent under the laws of the State in which the election is held."

    I'll bet those idiotic liberals who thought this wasn't a problem feel pretty silly right about now.

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  • What Does the GOP Chairman Not Want Us to Know About Mitt Romney's Penis?

    The New Hampshire primary ended in a landslide for Mitt Romney yesterday. What explains this historic victory? Many would credit his success with the lack of any viable alternative.

    But perhaps there’s something else to Romney’s engorged popularity

    Heard on C-SPAN in the 8 a.m. hour: Caller to Wayne MacDonald, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican party: "Does Mitt Romney have a big penis?"

    The embarrassed, obviously rattled, C-SPAN host quickly apologized to the Chairman. "I want to make sure I heard him right," MacDonald said, smiling widely after an initial slight eye bulge.

    The caller clearly mistook Washington Journal for C-SPAN’s usual afternoon phone-sex/budget-policy call-in show, Wonking Off.

    But the GOP Chairman's awkward silence does raise some questions: What is MacDonald hiding? What sinister secrets does he possess about Romney’s mini-Mitt? Romney has campaigned on a platform of small government, but maybe his stimulus package support was bigger than we thought.

    Now that he's off the campaign trail, I'm sure Marcus Bachmann would be more than happy to help get to the bottom of this.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • The Wealthy Are Mitt Romney's People, My Friends

    As expected, Mitt Romney accomplished the electoral equivalent of strapping his Republican opponents to the roof of his station wagon and taking a twelve hour drive through the woods of New England.

    He won 39.4% of the vote New Hampshire primary vote, besting Ron Paul's 22.8%, Jon Huntsman with 16.8%, Newt Gingrich with 9.4%, Rick Santorum with 9.3%, and Rick Perry, who exceeded expectations by beating Buddy Roemer with .7% of the vote. Soon it will be over and we can all go back to writing about policy (read: congressional sex scandals).

    But with so much time to kill before the Romney coronation becomes official, let's look at the exit polls to discover what percentage of Republican voters are going to die a little on the inside as they settle for Willard…

    * Romney is doing exceedingly well with his friends, the corporations. Or at least people who have incorporated for shady tax purposes — winning 47% of voters with incomes over $100,000 and 51% of voters with incomes over $200,000.

    * The following is a one scene  play about the Ron Paul campaign. Paul: "Let's phase out federal student loans…The responsibility is on the individual and the family to take care of their needs, not the federal bureaucracy." Student with thousands in federally-subsidized student loan debt: "LEGALIZE IT, WOOOOO!" Paul won 47% of voters under age 30, the end.

    * Mitt Romney won a plurality among those who believe politicians should "compromise to get things done" and also a plurality among those who believe their leaders should "stick to principles." Luckily for both groups, Romney believes in whatever they want him to believe.

    Okay, so Romney's remarkably acceptable to the New Hampshire base. Only South Carolina, the origin of every Snopes-debunked e-mail forward you've received your from aunt, can save the rest of the Republican field now.

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