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  • Quote Unquote: Get the Hell Off the Beach!

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie brings back his infamous "Get the hell off the beach!" yelp from last year, but with a new conservative twist


    "You tell them, if you see them on the beach, you tell them, 'Get the hell off the beach and get back to Trenton and vote for my tax cut. Right now.'"


    Not terrible as far as political catch phrases go. I'd rank it somewhere between "Yes we can!" and "Where's the beef?"

    Plus, it's useful if you're campaign during a shark attack.

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  • New Jersey Seat Belt Laws Not Just for Humans Anymore

    With New Jersey facing its perennial budget deficits, Governor Chris Christie has so far rebuffed Democratic efforts to adopt a millionaire's tax on the state's figurative fat cats.

    Instead, he's proposed a 10 percent income tax cut that would direct 40 percent of its benefit to the top 1 percent of taxpayers. Luckily, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission knows how to make the math work. Just levy fines on the state's actual fat cats (and dogs)…

    Police and animal control officers are authorized to cite drivers with animals that aren't buckled up, CBS Philly reports. Yes, that even includes the back of a pickup truck. Violators can be fined $250 to $1,000 per offense…

    Dogs can be placed in harnesses that click right into the seat belt buckle. Cats don't take well to harnesses for the most part, so they need to go in a carrier. And the carrier needs to be buckled down.

    Okay, yes, the fine is actually directed at the driver, but the idea that this is a measure to combat "distracted driving" is undercut by the paucity — paw-city! — of incidents in which an unsecured pet was the cause of an accident. It's mostly a revenue-raising measure. Or perhaps a subtle signal on part of Christie about the lengths he'll go to to secure Mitt Romney's favor. After all, how can we now blame Romney for strapping up that dog — in New Jersey, it's the law.

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  • Election Roundup: Jungle Primary and Kosher Sex Edition

    Though the main news from last night is that our long national nightmare of being confused by the #wirecall hashtag on Twitter is finally over, there was other primary news to digest. Here's what you missed:

    Redistricting left two incumbent Democrats competing for the nomination in New Jersey's 9th Congressional district, in a race that served as a proxy battle between House Clinton and House Obama — a cosplay of the least titillating episode of the Game of Thrones ever. Bill Clinton cast his favor upon Bill Pascrell while Barack Obama signaled, in the most tepid manner possible, that he supported Steve Rothman. Pascrell emerged the winner and will now face celebrity sex therapist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a former spiritual adviser to the late Michael Jackson.

    Under California's new jungle primary system, the top two choices will compete in the general election regardless of party affiliation. In the California 31st, a district considered by many to be a battleground in November, there were will be no Democrat competing in the general election, as a split liberal vote delivered the top two spots to Republicans. Perhaps good government progressives should have heeded the advice of Axl Rose in his exegesis on election law, Welcome to the Jungle. (I'm not the only one who reads that song this way, right?) "You gonna die," indeed.

    Also in California, the race described as "Two Jews, One Congressional Seat," will continue into the general election as Democratic congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman took first and second place, respectively, in their primary. In fact, the situation in their newly drawn Los Angeles based district is reminiscent of the conflict in the middle east. Two groups with strong historical claims on the same soil, foisted together by the line drawing mandate of outside powers. Except in L.A., both sides get to vote on self-determination.

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  • Cory Booker's Popularity Spikes with Republicans

    It's funny, the little moments that make huge differences in a politician's career. Take for example Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker, as of late. All it took was one selfless act of impromptu fire rescue a month ago to gain the support of the entire Democratic Party.

    And one appearance on Meet the Press to gain the support of the entire Republican Party

    The Republican National Committee is looking to capitalize on Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s (D) criticism of the Obama campaign's attack on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital, urging supporters to sign a petition saying they "stand with Cory."

    "Yesterday New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, a surrogate spokesman for the Obama campaign, called the president's attacks on the free market 'ridiculous,'" the petition reads. "That's right Mr. President, we aren't going to let you destroy free enterprise. Stand up for America. Stand up for job creators."

    I think we can add one more name to ever-growing list of prospective Romney VP choices. It would certainly be more interesting than some.

    And not nearly as silly as others.

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  • Chris Christie Will Not Deliver New Jersey to Mitt Romney

    Much like many of its citizens, New Jersey is small but densely-packed. So, one might imagine why conservatives might be tempted to slaver a little bit at the prospect of chipping off the normally-blue state's 14 electoral votes and taking them for their own.

    And with an exceedingly popular Republican governor – who would just look oh so great presiding over the Senate as VP — the situations seems never more likely!

    Unfortunately, everyone's gonna have to — and I'll put this in my childhood state's local parlance — Fuggedaboutit!

    Without running mates, Romney gets 39 percent to the president’s 49 percent in New Jersey, according to a Wednesday Quinnipiac University poll.

    With Christie on the ticket, Romney bumps up to 42 percent, compared with the president's 50 percent.

    This — plus all the times that Christie has said he doesn't want to be vice president — is starting to make me think that maybe Chris Christie won't end up on the ticket after all.

    Hmmmm… If only there were another popular up-and-coming Republican from a more-easily won state with even more electoral votes are there? If only such a person existed.

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