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  • Quote Unquote: Hurricane Update

    New York State Assembly member Phillip Goldfeder gives an update on his district


    "In Breezy Point, whatever is not flooded is on fire."


    From this, I think we can extrapolate that anything that is neither flooded nor on fire is not in Breezy Point. That's got to have some useful application, right?

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  • Federal Court Strikes Down DOMA, Tradition, Apple Pie

    Bad news for America's increasingly small, elderly and (presumably) angry-at-every-sitcom-on-TV group of same-sex marriage opponents

    A divided federal appeals court in Manhattan struck down the Defense of Marriage Act Thursday as unconstitutional, joining an appeals court in Boston in rejecting the law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

    Yeah, I know, it's Manhattan. Home of the Stonewall riots — a place where you can't register to vote without identifying as bi-curious or higher. But just listen to what the judge wrote in his majority opinion…

    "Even if preserving tradition were in itself an important goal, DOMA is not a means to achieve it."

    Even if preserving tradition were important? Of course it is. Just don't ask any women voters, black students, Asian immigrants, Industrial Revolution-era child laborers, interracial couples or basketball players who shoot from the three-point line.

    Some people just don't respect our heritage.

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Debate Winners, Losers and Binders


    1. AK-47s, which Mitt Romney loves a lot more than other kinds of 47-ers.

    2. Jeremy. And whoever loaned Jeremy his suit.

    3. The guy who was wearing a Barack Obama mask this evening.

    4. Mitt Romney's pension, if he still has any stock in Staples. Binder sales are gonna go through the roof.

    5. New York, and especially New Yawk. We finally heard about jawbs.

    6. Nassau Community College. What Long Islanders affectionately call the 13th grade got a shout-out.

    7. Transcripts. Especially ones published after the Benghazi attacks, reading, "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation…"


    1. The guy who pretended to be Barack Obama in the first debate.

    2. The guy who accidentally decided who he was voting for yesterday, like an asshole.

    3. The Gallup staffers who thought these audience members were really undecided.

    4. CNN closed captioning, displaying "Labia" instead of "Libya." (This actually happened.)

    5. Candy Crowley's conservative street cred.

    6. Joe Biden, whose thunder was just stolen.

    7. Wolf Blitzer, who probably spent the whole night on his hologram deck, seething with jealousy.

    RELATED: Mitt Romney's Binder Full of Awkward

    Photos by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

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  • The New York Subway's New Anti-Islam Ads

    You can't walk down a single block in New York City without hating and being hated by at least a dozen people. I didn't think more hate could fit inside such a bustling metropolis, but I guess there's always a little more room in the city that never sleeps or stops smelling like feces.

    According to The New York Times, an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative recently won a federal case stating that New York's MTA was in violation of the First Amendment when it rejected the posting of inflammatory anti-Muslim ads.

    So what's in the ads that's so bad that it was deemed unworthy of public display in areas where homeless people go to the bathroom?

    New Yorkers will soon encounter another potentially inflammatory rendering of Islam: an advertisement in the transit system that reads, "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man."

    It concludes with the words, "Support Israel. Defeat Jihad," wedged between two Stars of David.

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  • One of a Kind Candidate: Mindy Meyer, New York State Senate, Brooklyn, NY

    Mindy MeyerOh Mindy, Mindy, Mindy. With the summer days so hot, you've captivated all of us, all 13 people who track local politics. But really, 22-year-old Mindy Meyer is LITERALLY everywhere.

    I'm here each week to tell you about local candidates who just can't catch the national spotlight. But Ms. Meyer had no problem snagging the lusty, bleary eye of the  American media elite for being a "diva." And by diva, they mean her website is pink, like a GIRL, because the political arena is a cynical, depraved place desperate for anything that actually breathes.

    Meyer's campaign slogan is "I'm senator and I know it," which is meant to appeal to young voters, or perhaps new voters/citizens learning English as a second language. She's inclusive like that. Just goofing, it's actually a reference to the band LMFAO, which is a band that might be popular, but also might be like one of those New York Times trend pieces where they find one 25-year-old who listens to opera and then they're like, "YOUNG PEOPLE FLOCKING TO OPERA." New York Times, get your act together.

    Her now-famous website used to autoplay hideous music, as if it were the online home of a cheap wedding band or a Midtown restaurant, but if you go there now it's completely silent. Seems like Meyer just dropped a big part of her appeal, but I wouldn't know anything about that, because she didn't return my message, which only proves how media-savvy she's become: don't give it all away when you can leave them wanting more, at least until your book comes out.

    Meyer pitches herself as a conservative Republican, but her positions are a little less Rick Santorum, a little more 22-year-old Brooklynite. School vouchers? Perhaps that's still a Republican thing, but Democrats sort of forget they're opposed to it sometimes. She's against racial profiling? Okay, now she's dipping her toes into the only pot Democrats still have. Restoring funding for summer youth employment programs, i.e. funding for youths that are older than unborn? Sounds French.

    Frankly, Meyer isn't so much a diva but a middle of the road youngin' interested in joining the political theater. This is probably a good thing! But still, all it takes is a pink background. Look at them swarming for quotes. I'm no different. Here I am spilling blood and ink–but mostly the sweet nectar of Dr Pepper (wink, wink)–to write about this #trending woman.

    Congratulations, Ms. Meyer, you've managed to tiptoe into the heart of big media. But be careful, for it is a fickle heart, and fifteen minutes pass quickly. One moment you're the queen of the airwaves because of your background color, the next you've been dumped for a candidate who only communicates via Skype or has an asterisk in his email address or did a lipdub of that "Call Me Maybe" song.

    Photo via Mindy Meyer's Facebook page

    Previously: Art Goodtimes, "Political paleohippie"

    Our friends at Dr Pepper are going to send Ms. Meyer a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, and you get to choose its slogan:

    Want a custom t-shirt of your own? Of course you do! Head to and get started.

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