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Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Sarah Palin Pranked by "Nicolas Sarkozy"

    Well, this just happened.

    The Masked Avengers — a Canadian radio comedy duo called Les Justiciers Masqures (or The Masked Avengers in American) somehow managed to outwit Sarah Palin, if you can believe that.

    Somehow, she believed that she was chatting about the thrill of killing animals, her marriage to Joe the Plumber and the "edgy" documentary "Nailin' Paylin"…

    I don't know about you, but I found this really hard to listen to

    As Sarkozy, [Marc-Antoine] Audette tells Palin, the governor of Alaska and a moose hunter, that he loves hunting and they should go together.

    She responds that "I think we could have a lot of fun together while we're getting work done. We can kill two birds with one stone that way."

    Audette speaks French at several points, which Plain doesn't understand, and uses fake names for Canadian politicians, which she doesn't catch.

    He identified the Canadian prime minister as "Stef Carse" (a singer) and said that the prime minister of Quebec, "Mr. Richard Z. Sirois," (a Quebec radio host) is a good friend.

    Did you detect any hint of skepitism in her voice?

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  • John McCain Dallies with the Hated French

    In his continuing quest to lose every vote in America, John McCain is now treading on thin ice with conservatives by associating himself with an admitted Frenchman, Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Sarkozy, the French President and a world-class dandy, was described by an anonymous source in an Israeli newspaper as calling Barack Obama's Iran policy "immature." Apparently, Sarkozy took issue with Obama's plans to engage the Iranians through diplomacy, instead of haughty sniffing.

    McCain jumped on the Frenchman's bandwagon after the comment surfaced, taking the opportunity re-run a classic attack ad:

    Capitalizing on a report in the Israeli press today suggesting that French President Nicholas Sarkozy thinks Barack Obama's stance on Iran is "utterly immature," John McCain is re-releasing an ad that highlights comments the Democrat made in May — calling the country "tiny" (compared to the former Soviet Union) — to argue that he is "dangerously unprepared" for the presidency.

    For the cash-strapped McCain camp, the re-release of this ad is a cost-effective means of political recycling; jumping on the news peg of Sarkozy's comments (per an anonymous Israeli government source), the campaign can convey a strong message without producing a new ad.

    Wow! McCain is really alienating conservatives now… Not only is he lining up with the frogs, he's recycling!

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