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  • 15% of Ohio Republicans Credit Mitt Romney With Killing Bin Laden

    There are lots of ways for Obamabots to answer the question "Are you better off than you were fours years ago?" Some note that Jersey Shore is dead and Arrested Development is alive. Others point to the improving employment picture. Joe Biden puts it most piquantly: "Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." But who deserves credit for these events?

    According to a Public Policy Polls survey of Ohio voters, 38% of Ohio Republicans say  Barack Obama is most responsible for the bin Laden's death, 15% say Romney, and 47% were unsure. The results were similar in North Carolina, where 29% of Republicans said Obama deserves more credit, versus 15% Romney and 56% unsure.

    There's not much in Romney's foreign policy that can be credited for bin Laden's demise, but maybe his anti-porn stance is what drove the al Queda mastermind into the path of a Navy SEAL's bullet. A connoisseur of smut,  what else could bin Laden do when confronted with Romney's plan to take away his Internet access to Weapons of Ass Destruction IV?

    It's also possible that these majorities of Republican voters who refuse to credit Obama with the Bin Laden's killing aren't really answering the question that's being put to them, just as many Republicans translate questions about Obama's faith into questions about how much they hate the president. For many voters, telling a pollster that President Obama is a Muslim who doesn't deserve credit for the country's most visible recent military achievement is just another way of saying that Obama sucks.

    But that can't be every voter. Somewhere in Ohio or North Carolina, there's a guy who thinks SEAL Team Six arrived in Pakistan's on Romney's charter plane and shot bin Laden using equipment financed by Romney's off-shore accounts. And that guy's vote counts just as much as yours.

    Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post – Contributor/Getty Images

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  • One Night in a Field with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    Rock the Red North Carolina signsWhile Democrats mingled on the floor of the Time Warner Cable Arena Wednesday evening, swapping non-blue-dress-related memories of those halcyon Clinton years, another convention of sorts was unfolding in a field 20 miles away. This was "Rock the Red," an evening of speeches, music and comedy–intentional and un–held at a farm south of downtown Charlotte, which locals call Uptown. Nothing makes sense any more.

    This being North Carolina the event menu featured barbecue and cornbread, and this being conservatives' counterprogramming to the DNC, there was also a personal pizza option with "NOBAMA pepperoni" topping.

    Over the course of several hours a cavalcade of talent took to the stage and/or a pile of hay bales in front of the stage: North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis (who said of the DNC: "It's kinda like roadkill–you try not to look, but you can't help looking at it"); Alan Wilson, South Carolina Attorney General and son of Rep. Joe "You lie!" Wilson; Dan Forest, son of terrorism expert Rep. Sue Myrick and candidate for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor; and Jim Martin, chairman of 60 Plus, the seniors' group for those who cannot tolerate the AARP's fanatic agenda. The AARP is so far-left it even gave Harry Belafonte an award–"Belafonte, who hobnobs with Ahmadinejad," said Martin, proving conclusively that "Belafonte, who hobnobs with Ahmadinejad" is a ton of fun to say.

    But the star of the night, the attraction that shone even brighter than the brief stand-up set by the guy who played Benny on Home Improvement, was none other than Joe "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio, America's Ego-est Sheriff, the Brazen Self-Promoter of Maricopa County.

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  • Joe Biden Joe Bidens All Over Virginia Rally

    Which of the following did America's crazy uncle Joe Biden manage to accomplish while speaking in Danville, Virginia?

    a) Told the crowd, "With you, we can win North Carolina again," raising the possibility that in Barack Obama's 57 state America, the city of Danville is located across the border in the Tarheel state.

    b) Wore the second button of his shirt open, probably because his good, campaign-ready wifebeater was in the wash.

    c) Went on an extended exposition about chains, which Google Translate has not yet managed to transcribe into English: "They've said it. Every Republican's voted for it. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they're proposing. Romney wants to let the — he said in the first 100 days, he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules — unchain Wall Street. They're going to put y'all back in chains."

    d) Lamely imitated the ASL translator, "That poor lady, she's gonna have tendinitis by the time she finishes this."

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  • Democrats Going Indy in Swing States

    Four years ago, a young good-looking charismatic junior senator from Illinois popped up on the national radar, and it was pretty tough to avoid getting pulled in by his tractor beam of coolness. Consequently, lots of voters ended up identifying with Barack Obama and his Democratic Party establishment. He was a rock star. He was an outsider. He was a rebel. Or so it seemed.

    Now, four years later, he's looking a lot more dad-like. He's getting pretty gray. His hipster-nerd jokes seem less hip and more nerdy. He plays with a lightsaber. He wears mom jeans. Mom jeans!

    I think that might go a long way toward explaining why so many voters in swing states are looking to reestablish their indy cred

    The collective total of independents grew by about 443,000 in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Carolina since the 2008 election, according to data compiled by Bloomberg from state election officials.

    During the same time, Democrats saw a net decline of about 480,000 in those six states, while Republicans — boosted in part by a competitive primary earlier this year — added roughly 38,000 voters in them, the analysis shows.

    If I were David Plouffe or David Axelrod — any David on the Obama campaign staff, really — I'd be looking to get Obama cast in a Tarantino movie or something.

    Or he might want to consider going full-frontal in an upcoming press conference. That could also work.

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  • Democrat Pushes Wrong Button, Brings Fracking to N.C.

    Don't you hate it when you accidentally push the wrong button and wide up sending out a half-written, incomprehensible tweet? Or making everybody on your elevator wait while you all stop at an unnecessary floor? Or open up your state to a potentially dangerous and environmentally harmful method of obtaining natural gas? So embarrassing! Amirite?! LOL!

    A veteran lawmaker in North Carolina says she pushed the wrong button late Monday night in a marathon legislative session and accidentally opened up the state to fracking.

    Rep. Becky Carney, a five-term Democrat from Charlotte, burst into tears after mistakenly voting with Republicans to override Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of the contentious legislation. The measure lifts the ban on hydraulic fracturing as a means for mining for natural gas.

    Ms. Carney and other Democrats asked for a do-over, as is common when a member pushes the wrong button. But in this instance, Republicans said no. A change in Carney’s vote would have changed the outcome, which is against the House rules. But Ms. Carney asked for the rules to be suspended so she could change her vote, but got nowhere.

    Hey, Republicans, we know that you guys just got the results that you've been angling toward for the past several months and that you've made tons and tons of promises to lobbyist groups about, but… Well, would you mind if we tried that vote again, so that you can lose this time? We'd be soooo appreciative! We'd totally owe you one.

    What? No, you won't?! Ugh! What jerks!

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