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Notre Dame
  • Barack Obama Will Lead the Democratic Party into the Liberal Holy Land

    Some guy, M.J. Rosenberg — Director of Policy for Israel Policy Forum or something — over at TPM Cafe is really feeling exceptionally gloaty this morning.

    Ordinarily, I just skip right over posts like this in my Google Reader, but this one was so thick with liberal partisan self-satisfaction that I practically got splattered with patchouli-smelling schadenfreude as I scrolled past it…

    I was just reading the rightist blogs on the President's triumph at Notre Dame. These are really the worst of time for the bad guys. And it is critically important that we enjoy their misery because it may not last forever. (On the other hand, it might)…

    These guys are in agony. They are living their worst nightmare. Not only is a liberal Democrat in the White House, but he's the reincarnation of FDR. He's politically deft. He's popular. He has a beautiful family. He has the supreme confidence of a JFK and the political skills of Clinton but without the character flaws. And, like FDR, and LBJ, he intends to transform America.

    Muahahahahahahahaha! Nothing can possibly go wrong! Why, we haven't seen one political party so completely dominate the other since… since… four years ago when the Republicans plowed over the Democrats so badly that many thought liberalism was completely dead! And that victory lasted forever!

    It's pure Democratic gold, I tells ya!  Pure Democratic gold!

    Tune in tomorrow when we discover that President Obama has been conducting a long-term sexual relationship with an underage, male, Swine Flu-infected Chupacabra.

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  • The Blog Hole: Fat Taxes, The Nance Dance and Dick Cheney's Bat Cave

    Vice President Batman: Legendary political gadfly and Capitol Hill medicine woman Eleanor Clift was there when Vice President Biden opened his wide shovel of a mouth and revealed the exact location of his predecessor's "undisclosed location." It sounds less like a bunker, and more like the Bat Cave. It also sounds awesome, and no wonder Mr. Cheney is suffering from power withdrawals. []

    Speaker of the House of Cards: What did Nancy Pelosi know, when did she know it, and why doesn't she know to keep her mouth shut? The more she protests, the guiltier she seems, writes Debra Saunders. The Speaker knew there was some serious Jack Bauer action going on in Spytown, and she was less a moral crusader and more of a feckless, memo-writing pipsqueak scribbling angry little memos no one read. []

     The Man To Tax Your Fat: The federal government wants to tax your soda pop, and Dan Mitchell questions whether this is a good idea or not. And they're gunning for all of those drinks that are a diabetics nightmare: sports drinks, root beers, energy drinks, those little boxes of kiddie juice that advertise how they're "10% Real Juice" and fail to mention how they're "90% pure corn syrup." Will this raise revenue for bridges and bullets, or just discourage consumption? Or will it turn "Happy Meals" into "Meh Meals"? []

    Let's All Agree to Disagree, Forever:  Liberal Internet Illuminati The Daily Kos posts the transcript of President Obama's controversial speech at Notre Dame in it's entirety, with comments that are 40% trolls, 60% fawning, techno-hippies. Relive the magic of a well-written call for moderation delivered at a circus. []

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  • Alan Keyes Arrested with Bloody Baby Doll in Stroller on Notre Dame Campus

    I have no idea how I'm only just now discovering this, but Alan Keyes — the guy who's actually too insane for the Republican Party and the Constitution Party — was arrested on Notre Dame's campus Friday while pushing around a blood-splattered baby doll.

    Believe me, I am not creative enough to make something like that up.

    He supposedly was protesting the Catholic university's decision to ask the president to speak there and receive some kind of dumb honorary degree. And Obama hates babies or some other such infantile, mono-faceted belief…

    Bummer that we all missed this the first time around. But the great news is that he's planning a repeat performance on May 17th!

    Alan Keyes has announced that he will be present at the University of Notre Dame on May 17 and is planning to be arrested for protesting President Obama’s invitation to speak and receive an honorary degree at the ceremony.


    This whole incident is hilarious because it involves Alan Keyes, and everything involving Alan Keyes is hilarious. Because the inside of his brain is hilarious.

    His first person account of his own heroism after the jump…

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