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  • Rick Scott Hearts Obamacare Dollars

    Rick Scott

    Time was, Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) reigned as a right-wing folk hero. Florida's Tea Partiers drank up his anti-Obama rhetoric like it was free prune juice at a blue plate special. He vetoed $600 million in funding for homeless veterans, death paneled the Florida Innocence Commission and generally competed with "Florida Man" for the worst headlines generated by a citizen of the Sunshine State. And yet there is no joy in Tea Party land:

    Erick Erikson: "It is a sad day for conservatives."

    Ace of Spades: "Scott just agreed to kill the state of Florida."

    Philip Kein: "…waving the white flag is an accurate description of Scott's decision."

    The source of all this right-wing bellyaching–the one condition exacerbated by Obamacare–is Scott's decision to enroll poor Floridians in an expansion of Medicaid financed by the Affordable Care Act.

    Now, why would he do such a thing? Is it because he's thinking about his 2014 relection campaign? Is he concerned about hospital lobbyists, or the fact that Joe Biden knows where he lives?

    Maybe it has something to do with a health care services company called Solantic:

    The Florida governor founded Solantic in 2001, only a few years after he resigned as the CEO of hospital giant Columbia/HCA amid a massive Medicare fraud scandal. In January, according to the Palm Beach Post, he transferred his $62 million stake in Solantic to his wife, Ann Scott, a homemaker involved in various charitable organizations.

    It's too soon to say if Scott has found religion, but there's a pretty good chance he's found an angle.

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  • Will Gun Control Laws Go Away If You Shoot Them? [VIDEO]

    In this entertaining new video, Missouri state Rep. Eric Burlison (R-Great Ideas) complains that Democrats in the Missouri House have proposed legislation making the possession of certain assault weapons a felony. And as the saying goes, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a bill is a good guy with a gun, so the video ends with Burlison and a pal unloading twenty rounds into the proposed law.

    But does this rootin'-tootin' approach to blocking legislation work? Other politicians have tested the theory:

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  • State Republicans Get Pushy with Obamacare

    When the Supreme Court was asked to repeal Obamacare, they said no. But they probably didn't really mean it, right?

    A Republican lawmaker in South Carolina has introduced legislation that would send state and federal officials to jail for implementing the Affordable Care Act. …the proposal, which has been has been prepared by state Rep. Bill Chumley (R) for next year’s legislative session, threatens state officials with up to two years in jail and a $1,000 fine for enforcing the law.

    "I think we’re within our rights to do this," Chumley said.

    Of course you are, South Carolina. Just because the South lost the Civil War doesn't mean that federal law trumps state law. Wait, now you too, Wisconsin?!

    Last month, a group of Wisconsin lawmakers also said they would support nullifying the law and arresting federal officials for trying to enact it. One of them, state Rep. Chris Kapenga (R) openly paid little mind to the court’s decision.

    "Just because Obama was re-elected does not mean he’s above the constitution," Kapenga said.

    These guys just won't take no for an answer. That attitude reminds me of a classic Christmas song. I believe it goes something like this…

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