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Occupy Wall Street
  • Tweet Roundup: Occupy Turns One

    It's been a year since the Occupy Wall Street movement began, and boy has it taught us a lot. Personally, it taught me that Twitter is important for organizing protest events and poking endless fun at the protesters for their lack of hygiene/hippie tendencies. In honor of the movement with lofty goals in lower Manhattan, here are some of today's good, bad and ugly OWS tweets…



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  • Our Endorsements: To All the Bankstas on Wall Street Today

    * It seems like only a year ago that we had Herman Cain and OWS to kick around.

    * President Obama's new attack ad looks ready for prime time.

    * Local news can be hilarious.

    * A portrait of Sarah Palin and GWB made from adult magazines.

    * Abraham Lincoln knows you are, but what is he?

    * Romney's new campaign message takes a hard right 180.

    * Funny or Die's PSA warning America's youth to do regular drugs.

    * A collection of political campaigns that go off the beaten path, from Cracked.

    * Fox News gets punked by one of those pesky unemployed youths.

    * Grab your monocle and take a look at the New Yorker's latest political cartoons.

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  • Occupy Wall Street Discovers Virtues of Incorporation

    vendetta mask The Occupy Wall Street movement is opposed to the the insatiable greed and undemocratic influence of corporations and the authoritarianism embedded in non-consensual decision making, post-industrial capitalism and showers.

    And at least some members of Occupy New Hampshire are opposed to any recognition of irony…

    …a small number of Occupy New Hampshire members incorporated the movement as a nonprofit in order to boot their former bedfellows: the Free Staters. Also prohibited from future Occupy events are gun owners who openly carry.

    It's been a controversial move for a group so opposed to authoritative rule, and several Occupy members have joined with the Free Staters to fight back.

    The Free State Project is an alliance of libertarians relocating to New Hampshire to create a libertarian state but who can't afford the airfare to Somalia. Many have been joining in Occupy protests because New Hampshire is weird that way, making this the most significant schism since the People's Front of Judea vehemently opposed the Judean People's Front.

    Tensions between Free Staters and some Occupiers have risen after the realization that building a social movement based on shared cultural preferences, rather than policy goals, ends in tears as both groups return to occupying their parents' basements.

    Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Our Endorsements: Jason Alexander Slums It

    * Jason Alexander tries to join the 99%.

    * Newt Gingrich highlights, from The Onion.

    * Prince Charles really wants to talk about the weather.

    * Mitt Romney's website may need a rewrite.

    * The State Department issues a travel warning for your mother's house.

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  • Brooding Adolescents Are the Vanguard of Occupy Wall Street Revolution

    protesterAfter a quiet winter, Occupy Wall Street protesters are looking to regain their momentum with May Day demonstrations planned for cities across the United States. Drawing protestors' ire are the usual suspects of post-industrial capitalism: rampant corporate greed, declining social mobility, the gulf between rich and poor…the accumulation of dirty laundry in the hamper that Mom won't do anything about…

    On a pair of tables in the corner of the room sit stacks of Occupy literature – magazines and newspapers produced by protesters – as well as stickers, posters and fliers: all propaganda for May Day, a nationwide day of action calling on the public to abstain from work, school, shopping, banking and household chores

    In New York, protesters will meet at 8am in Bryant Park, which will serve as a base for much of the day. There will be an afternoon march to Union Square, and a concert, followed by another march to the financial district. Plans for the evening remain loose, perhaps intentionally so, but were described by one Occupier as a "radical afterparty".

    Who among us can forget the great "NO, DAD, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME" General Strike of 1934 that followed on the heels of the bloody Brussels sprouts boycott of 1932? Or the famed sit down (and play XBox) strike of 2006 that led to the formation of the International Brotherhood of Console Gamers?

    Thanks, Occupy. I used to think 12 year old me was a moody jerk with little regard for the efforts necessary to maintain a household. Now I recognize dirty carpets as the capitalist constructs they were and fondly recall my days on the frontline of proletarian revolution. It's all vaguely reminiscent of Lenin's call in 1917: Peace! Land! Mom, Where's Lunch!?

    Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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