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  • 5 Funniest Congressional Ads of 2012 [VIDEO]

    The advent of SuperPACs and the general flood of money into political campaigns may be wrecking our democracy, but is that such a steep price to pay for hilarious campaign ads? The Founders would surely say no.

    Though presidential campaigns get most of the attention, we must also honor the House and Senate campaigns that deliver on our founding promise of life, liberty and LOLs.

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  • Ohio Buried Under Avalanche of Political Ads

    The next time you hear yourself lamenting your location in a solidly-red or solidly-blue state because it renders your presidential vote worthless, I have two things to say to you:

    1) Imagine another four years of Constitutional scholars at the bus stop parroting "He didn't win the popular vote, so he's not really the President."

    And 2) Take a moment to consider the non-stop onslaught of political ads to which the good people of Ohio are being subjected

    It would take about 80 days of nonstop viewing to see all 58,235 of the typically 30-second Ohio presidential advertisements that have aired in the last month…

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  • Ohio Will Kill Us All

    There are so many reasons to fear Ohio. Aside from the obvious ones like the existence of Cleveland, it's suspiciously close proximity to West Virginia and that weird kind of chili they eat, they also hold a terrifying grip upon our nation's future.

    And it would appear as though the state might be planning to make the most of the mortal fear in which they have ensconced the other 49 states

    [M]ore than 800,000 people so far have asked for but not yet completed an absentee ballot for the Nov. 6 election. Anyone who does not return an absentee ballot, deciding instead to vote at the polls, will be required to cast a provisional ballot. That’s so officials may verify that they did not vote absentee and also show up at the polls.

    By state law, provisional ballots may not be counted until at least Nov. 17.

    What that means is that if the election does in fact come down to Ohio — which seems very likely — and if the vote is relatively close in Ohio — which seems even more likely — Ohio could very well keep this interminably long election season alive beyond its time by several weeks, zombie-like, to devour our remaining sinews of mental health.

    Now you know how Indiana feels all the time.

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  • Ohio: Obama Has Big Lead with People Who Already Voted

    Okay, so everybody laughed at Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted when he said that giving citizens the right to vote early was "un-American." But, according to some early voting data, when you give people an opportunity to vote early, they turn around and vote for a Kenyan socialist Muslim foreign atheist.

    So, who's laughing now?

    The poll makes clear that there are really two races underway in Ohio. On one hand, the two candidates are locked in a dead heat among Ohioans who have not yet voted but who say they intend to, with 45% of respondents supporting the President and 45% preferring his Republican challenger.

    But Obama has clearly received a boost from Ohio's early voting period, which began on Oct. 2 and runs through November 5. Among respondents who say they have already voted, Obama holds a two-to-one lead over Romney, 60% to 30%.

    When those two groups are combined, the Time poll reveals, Obama leads by five points overall in Ohio.

    Actually, though, this isn't terrible news for Republicans. What this actually means is that, with so many Obama supporters voting now, there's gonna be way less of them to vote for Obama on Election day. So, advantage Romney!

    That, by the way, is flawless logic. In fact, I'm relatively certain we're going to be hearing Dick Morris say this exact same thing on TV tonight.

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  • Ohio Is the Most Important State in the World!

    I haven't spent a great deal of time in Ohio, but I have driven through it, and I must say, it's interstates and strip mall sprawl do exude a certain majesty. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as I was looking out the window of my car, I thought to myself, "I may very well be in the most important place in the entire United States and I think I need to find another rest stop fast, because that beef jerky is not sitting very well."

    Turns out I was right. On both counts. FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver explains how and why Ohio will decide our nation's fate

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