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  • Should Muslim-Americans Be Under Suspicion for Being Muslims?

    So, as I'm sure you're probably all aware, today is Let's Point at the Scary Muslims Day in Washington D.C. today and it's a pretty festive occasion. Pointer-in-Chief Rep. Peter King has already gone and made our only Muslim representative cry. Do you feel good about yourself, Rep. King? Did you get what you wanted?

    So, how does a thing like this happen? How can a congressperson manage to hold a hearing against innocent Americans based solely upon their religion and some unsubstantiated statistics that somebody pulled out of somebody else's ass and get away with it? Where is the outrage from his constituents?

    Well, King happens to be a Republican (if you can believe that), and as luck would have it, demonizing Muslims isn't looked upon all that badly in Republican circles

    According to a Gallup poll released Wednesday, 40 percent of Democrats consider the hearings appropriate compared to 69 percent of Republicans.

    And 49 percent of Democrats think the hearings are inappropriate compared to 23 percent of Republicans. Gallup also found that 51 percent of Independents think the hearings are appropriate and 49 percent do not.

    More than 2/3rds of Republicans are in favor of these hearings that are transparently designed to heap scorn on an American minority? I find that completely unbelievable?

    What's wrong with that other almost-1/3rd? Why do they hate Lady Liberty so much?

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  • Rep. Peter King Has Love-Hate Relationship with Terrorism

    Rep. Peter King has been catching a lot of flak for hearings about whether or not Muslim-Americans are doing their fair-share to stop all the terrorist attacks that are constantly happening in our country that he'll be holding later this week. But what people fail to realize is that he knows from whence he speaks.

    The man happens to be personally acquainting with the type of mind that will help terrorism take root in a society

    For Representative Peter T. King, as he seizes the national spotlight this week with a hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims, it is the most awkward of résumé entries. Long before he became an outspoken voice in Congress about the threat from terrorism, he was a fervent supporter of a terrorist group, the Irish Republican Army.

    "We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry," Mr. King told a pro-I.R.A. rally on Long Island, where he was serving as Nassau County comptroller, in 1982. Three years later he declared, "If civilians are killed in an attack on a military installation, it is certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame the I.R.A. for it."

    Oh, come on! This is like comparing apples to Muslims.

    The people who Rep. King was supporting were patriots who killed civilians as a means of bringing about a political end. And the people who Rep. King is investigating are brown-skinned U.S. citizens who eat a bunch of weird-smelling food and don't even believe in the right version of an Abrahamic God.

    Clearly, there is no comparison.

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  • What Will President Obama Say to Wall Street Today?

    This afternoon President Obama travels to New York, where he will give a speech about financial regulatory reform. New York Republican Rep. Peter King, a regular critic of the president's oratory, has some advice for the occasion

    POLITICO: What do you want to hear from President Obama in his speech to Wall Street on Thursday?

    REP. KING: I'll tell you what I don't want to hear. I don't want him to take cheap shots at Wall Street and banks.

    That's right. Only the finest luxury shots, please, it's what they're accustomed to.

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  • Jon Stewart on the Underwear Bomber

    It's been said that big news often uncannily happens when The Daily Show is off the air. For example, the Hindenburg conspicuously crashed sixty years before the show even premiered. Well, as you know, this recent holiday hiatus was no different; The Daily Show went on vacation, and a dude tried to blow up a plane with a chode-bomb. So last night, the show returned (in HD!) and Jon Stewart made up for lost time, taking on the story from all angles.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • GOP Improving National Security by Calling President Obama a Sissypants

    barack-obama-closeup-vertWhat are the odds that Republican leaders would use the Underbomber incident to suggest constructive changes to the nation's security systems? Mmhmm. And what are the odds that Republican leaders would use the Underbomber incident to illustrate the many, many ways in which Democrats are "soft on terror," which became the new "soft on crime" on or around 9/12/01?

    As the GOP seeks a path out of the political abyss in the 2010 elections, its leaders seem to be turning to the issue of terrorism, which worked for them in the 2002 congressional midterms and in President George W. Bush's 2004 reelection.

    "They just don't get it," Rep. Peter Hoekstra (Mich.), the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, wrote in a fundraising letter for his gubernatorial campaign. "These are the same weak-kneed liberals who have recently tried to bring Guantanamo Bay terrorists right here to Michigan!"

    Weak-kneed, not to mention "lily-livered" and "pants-wetting" and "arugula-hugging," am I right? But the best line of the GOP's War on War Rhetoric comes from Rep. Peter King, whose knees are made of fuckin' titanium…

    Even when Republicans agree with Obama, they find ways to characterize him as vacillating and indecisive. [...] "It's political schizophrenia," Rep. Peter T. King (N.Y.), the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, said in an interview. "He seems almost awkward when he's talking about terrorism."

    I've noticed that, the way President Obama is always stuttering and blushing when the issue of terrorism comes up. Almost makes me miss that last president we had. He was never awkward when he talked about anything.

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