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Peter Shumlin
  • Penguin Bites Newt Gingrich, Perhaps Initiating Animal Rebellion

    The animal kingdom has not fared well under human stewardship. Climate change is disturbing fragile ecosystems. Deforestation is destroying habitats. The rate of species extinctions is 100 to 1000 times the background rate of extinction recorded throughout evolutionary history.

    Perhaps it was only a matter of time before animals took matters into their own flippers, beaks and claws…

    The day after Newt Gingrich was bit by a penguin at a zoo, he acknowledged he is "the underdog" and said his campaign began renting their donor list because they needed money…

    Following a tour of the NASCAR museum, Gingrich said he spoke with Santorum in St. Louis, Mo. but only briefly. (This was the same day the Speaker visited the St. Louis Zoo, was nipped by a penguin and met a tiger named Callista — just like his wife, he joked to reporters.)

    The media is clearly missing the story by making only elliptical references to the penguin biting incident. Yes, releasing contributor lists to third parties is scummy, but every donor should have known Gingrich prefers "open" relationships.

    The real story is the leadership of this penguin, who mistook Gingrich's fishy oratory for actual fish and possibly set off a wider revolt

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