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  • Tony Perkins: Gays Responsible for Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

    All over Capitol Hill, officials are eager to investigate the scandal involving 11 Secret Service agents who were sent home from their assignment in Colombia after at least some of them brought prostitutes back to their hotel.  Everyone knows exchanging favors for cash is in the purview of Congress, not Colombian sex workers. So we can expect thorough hearings on this vile attempt to break the Congressional whoring monopoly.

    But hopefully not so thorough as to include the lead offered by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

    Then, of course, under the President's thumb, Congress introduced a new chapter of promiscuity into the U.S. military by overturning "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," followed by a seven month "coming out" party for homosexual servicemen. And all the while, the State Department is overseas trying to strong-arm other countries into accepting its views on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and premarital sex.

    Is it any wonder this country is suffering from an ethical identity crisis? This is what comes of an administration that systematically destroys the moral foundations of our military, government service, and public schools. On one hand, the administration has tried to force our military to embrace homosexuality by making unnatural and immoral sex legal — and on the other, it's outraged that its military is engaging in another form of legal but immoral sex. (Prostitution is permissible in Colombia's "tolerated zones.") Both behaviors are inappropriate, unhealthy, and destructive. Yet only one seems to incense government officials.

    If this seems a bit muddled, that's because it is. But this culture of moral confusion is inevitable when American leaders push a radical social policy that arbitrarily gives sexual license to some and condemns it from others.

    It's true that the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell has had an effect on the military. I recently learned that Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno has a Pinterest account, which means 1) the gays have taken over our military public affairs divisions and 2) the terrorists have won.

    Despite this, I still think gay service members are integral parts of the military who should be allowed to serve openly. Think about it, if gay soldiers can force heterosexual Secret Service agents and Marines to have sex, by virtue of merely existing, is there anything they can't do?

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  • Obama Joins Pinterest, Tries to Woo U.S. with Family Chili Recipe

    barack obamaWith accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Foursquare and Instagram, President Obama is one of the most tech-savvy politicians.

    The latest notch in his social media belt is Pinterest, the social network of choice for scrapbooking soccer moms and hip, young brides-to-be

    Run by Obama's 2012 campaign, the page features eight different boards of varying genres. The Obama-inspired recipes board includes the Obama family chili recipe as well as a couple of pictures of Obama-themed cupcakes…

    There's also a board with merchandise for the campaign… and another that lists facts about the campaign and things the president has accomplished during his term.

    The president is certainly a rarity on Pinterest — not only are there very few male users of the site, there are no other candidates with a presence on the online pinboard — unless you count the fake Mitt Romney site. The GOP hopeful's wife, however, joined the site last month.

    Yup, no better way to win over those crucial blue-collar swing-state men than a few expertly curated photos of cupcakes and puppies. That's exactly what those former steel and auto workers are clamoring for.

    I'm not saying Pinterest is a girly site, but congressional Republicans just tried to ban federal funding for it.

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