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  • Our Endorsements: Openly Gay Republican Stands Up to Romney

    * Wonkette shows us the only Republican still standing up to Romney.

    * Hope you didn't dump all of your 401K in cotton candy stock futures.

    * "Ridin' Joe Biden" pulls another stunt, from The Onion.

    * Finally, proof that the job market for college students is picking up.

    * Etsy's most patriotic products are what America is all about.

    * Julie Klausner's "How Was Your Week?" podcast features Anthony Bourdain getting political.

    * Finally, an honest Memorial Day beach bar flier, from Happy Place.

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  • John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman Take on Rupert Murdoch from Inside His Own House

    From The CC Insider

    The News of the World phone-hacking scandal is probably the biggest phone-related scandal ever (and that's counting all the phone-related scandals that involved penises!) But you wouldn't know it from reading News Corp. owned papers. Even the New York Post somehow restrained their infinite amount of monkeys banging away at an infinite amount of typewriters.

    But in the nether regions of the Internet, a podcast rose up. John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman record a podcast together called The Bugle for The Times of London, a Murdoch owned paper. They somehow flew under the radar and mined the comedy-rich territory

    As some Murdoch-owned media properties chose to minimize the unfolding scandal, Mr. Skinner and the pair of comedians behind the podcast, Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver, went straight for the jugular. The Bugle, among the most popular comedy podcasts in Britain with roughly 400,000 weekly downloads, spent three weeks hammering their corporate owners, News International, and Mr. Murdoch himself.

    This is significant considering how much power Rupert Murdoch has over shaping the perception of the trial and just how little his media empire chose to cover the scandal. John and Andy seemed pretty aware of that fact as they dug into Rupert Murdoch.

    "I'm not saying Rupert Murdoch’s face didn't look better with a shaving cream pie in it," Mr. Oliver said during one episode. "You just don't want to find yourself with any misplaced sympathy for Rupert Murdoch."

    The two then jokingly wondered on air whether anyone higher up at News International was listening. "Should this not have been stopped by now?" Mr. Oliver asked. "It doesn’t make sense!"

    You can download the podcast on iTunes. After the jump, I've posted a video of John Oliver putting the News of the World scandal into proper perspective.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

    (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

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  • Hoisted on Leonard Pierce's PetardCast

    So, this past weekend, I was interviewed by Leonard Pierce for his PetardCast podcast. And, now, I don't wanna oversell this or come off as full of myself or anything, but I think I almost didn't sound like a mentally feeble person in this time around.And my voice very nearly approaches non-grating. (Ugh! I feel like I'm getting a big head over here.) Leonard himself is a very funny, exceedingly intelligent guy with a warm soothing, and I think you'll enjoy listening to him talk.

    We discussed, among other things, the sensation of having hot oil splattered in your face every morning when you wake up, that one black Republican guy whose name we can't remember because there are soooo many others just like him, vinegar pie, and why Chicagoans should find a new name for that delicious thing they call "pizza" but which is clearly not pizza.

    Anyway, you can listen to it right over here if you're so inclined. You may also subscribe to The PedtardCast on iTunes.

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  • Wasted Words: Egg Nog & Tri-Cornered Hats at the Wawa

    For some reason — despite all evidence to the contraryWasted Words' R.J. White thought that I would be an interesting-enough talking-person to ask back on the podcast again.

    So, last night, I did the show again — along with R.J., Leonard Pierce and Olivia Todd — drinking PBR by the can and rambling about something or other to do with baking or pastries or something. (Quite frankly, the whole thing is kind of a hops and gluten-streaked blur.) Everyone else though, I can assure you, are quite charming and insightful.

    You can listen to our conversation online here or subscribe to Wasted Words through iTunes by here.

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  • Wasted Words: Horse Hate and Carnivore Guilt

    If there are two things that anyone who knows me knows about me, it's that 1) I love eating meat, and 2) I really enjoy masticating and ingesting the cooked flesh of animals. However, I'm also quite fond of feeling guilty about things a whole bunch. These past couple years — – with the help of Princeton Bioethics professor Peter Singer — I've managed to start synthesizing my affinities for carnivorism and guilt-having to rather impressive degrees. However, it wasn't until about six weeks ago, when my girlfriend and I adopted a shelter puppy that my guilt over eating animals that are smart enough to have emotions and personalities began to crest. (Because, lemme tell you, this dog looks totally delicious!)

    Anyway, I mention all that as prelude to pointing out that last week, I made a re-appearance on R.J. White's Wasted Words podcast and was asked to provide a topic of discussion. So, I figured it was a suitable forum for talking about my carnivore's guilt. If you're interested, you can listen to our conversation online here or subscribe to Wasted Words through iTunes by here.

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