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  • Tuesday's Links: Jimmy Kimmel's Sequester Stories

    * Jimmy Kimmel proves how good Americans are at BS.

    * The international language of overseas investing is guilt.

    Celebrate Passover by putting the ten plagues on your fingernails.

    * Alison Brie makes awful news stories feel like a ray of sunshine.

    * "Goofball diplomacy"? I thought we already tried that with Hillary Clinton's dancing.

    * Here's a handy list of signs the economy still sucks (aside from your wallet).

    * President Obama, I'm going to Vulcan mind meld you into listening to Leonard Nimoy on NPR.

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  • Postcards from Mitt: Get Me Out of Poland!

    Mitt Romney


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  • Mitt Romney Unveils Liberals' Newest Strategy

    Since the breakdown of the New Deal coalition, dozens of strategists and public intellectuals have offered formulas for turning progressive dross into electoral gold for the Democratic Party.

    The Berkeley cognitive scientist George Lakoff has suggested a new Democratic lexicon to better "frame" issues through linguistics. Others insist Democrats need more populist economic policies. Blue Dog Democrats advocate giving up and becoming Republicans. Shockingly, none of these approaches have ushered in a new age of liberal governance. Either these theories are wrongheaded or Ron Paul keeps stealing all that electoral gold.

    Leave it to Mitt Romney, the high-flying management consultant, to unwittingly introduce a whole new approach for progressives.

    Yesterday, Romney wrapped up his Olympic gaffeathon with a speech in Poland, praising the country as an economic model for prosperity for the rest of the world. Matt Yglesias notes that Poland's sustained economic recovery is due to expansionary monetary policy undertaken by the Polish central bank to reduce the value of the Zloty — precisely the kind of policy Romney and most conservatives oppose when it is undertaken by our own Federal Reserve.

    An even better example of Romney's affection for good policy, as adopted by our allies, came when he praised Israel's system of socialized medicine as an effective agent of health care and cost control.

    This opens up a perfect opportunity for Democrats. We already know that to U.S. conservatives, everything Israel does is sacrosanct and beyond criticism. So the next time progressives introduce some modest expansion of the welfare state, they should present it as an example of adopting the Israeli socio-economic model.

    At present, the top marginal tax rate in Israel is 48%, applicable to income over $125,000 a year, while Barack Obama is only proposing a relatively paltry levy of 39.6% on couples earning more than $250,000 a year. Similarly, why does the United States spend more per capita on defense than Israel, which can do no wrong?  In the parlance of the times, there should be no daylight between the United States and its foremost ally.

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  • Postcards from Mitt: Polish Jokes

    Mitt Romney


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  • Mitt Romney Blames the Media for His Foreign Gaffes

    Showing the kinds of true leadership qualities that you just cannot learn in business school — no, these are the kinds of valuable skills that you can only learn in the school of hard knocks — Mitt Romney stepped up to the plate and took a hard look at the myriad of missteps and mistakes he made during his trip through GOP-approved foreign countries. And he valiantly took full responsibility.

    And then threw it onto the lamestream media

    Asked about his missteps in an interview with Fox News’ Carl Cameron before he left Poland on Tuesday, Romney accused reporters of trivializing the substance of his trip and trying to divert attention from President Obama’s stewardship of the economy.

    "And I realize that there will be some in the Fourth Estate, or whichever estate, who are far more interested in finding something to write about that is unrelated to the economy, to geopolitics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in Afghanistan today, to a nuclearization of Iran," Romney said, according to a transcript of the interview that aired on Tuesday morning. "They’ll instead try and find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country."

    And also, if those other countries weren't there in those other places in the world there wouldn't have been any places in which to make a bunch of mistakes. So, don't think we're not looking at you, too. You're partially to blame, rest of world.

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