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  • Stephen Colbert on the Occupy Wall Street Fad

    The Occupy Wall Street protests have gone from ignored to intriguing to revolutionary to annoying. Don't these people have jobs they can get back to, already?

    Watch Toby Keith perform "Made in America" after the jump. Because why the hell wouldn't you?

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  • Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen Fought for Freedom (to Be Shot by Police)

    Some of the most bitter speculation surrounding the Occupy Wall Street protests and its varied offshoots involves the identity of the protesters. For example, was the Occupy Oakland demonstration "a run-of-the-mill gathering of various socialists and Communists" plunging into "squalor, violence, public urination, fire hazards, and public sex" as suggested by one source?

    Or were the protesters who engaged with police on Tuesday a more mixed lot, including some paint-throwing hooligans, but also peaceniks, wheelchair-bound activists…and combat veterans?

    In what appears to be the first serious injury nationwide in the Occupy Wall Street movement, a 24-year-old Iraq War veteran lay in an Oakland hospital Wednesday night with a critical skull fracture, adding a new level of intensity in a mass demonstration that has swept the country and led to clashes with police.

    Scott Thomas Olsen, 24, of Daly City, was struck in the head above his right eye with a tear-gas canister during a massive confrontation Tuesday night in which protesters threw rocks and bottles at police officers who deployed tear gas and fired bean bags to disperse the crowd of about 1,000.

    "It's absolutely unconscionable that our citizens are going overseas to protect other citizens just to come back and have our own police hurt them," said Joshua Shepherd, a six-year Navy veteran and friend of Olsen.

    Olsen served two tours in Iraq, operating in "hotbeds of al-Qaida and insurgent activity" before receiving an administrative discharge. I'm not sure the "right to be shot in the head with a tear gas canister" is exactly what politicians mean when they say the troops fight for our "rights and freedoms," but congratulations to the Oakland Police Department are still in order. Roadside IEDs and ambushes were unable to injure Olsen, but the streets of Oakland — featuring the 5th highest crime rate in America — must be a bit more "safe and sanitary" now that a U.S. Marine isn't befouling the place with his Veterans for Peace propaganda.

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Police Bravely Tear Gas Occupy Oakland Protesters

    Citing the need to maintain "safe and sanitary conditions" that Oakland is so well known for, on Tuesday morning city officials ordered police to dismantle the Occupy Oakland encampment that had been established in front of City Hall as part of a nationwide protest against economic inequality. But by Tuesday night, the protesters had returned and police were forced to re-establish "safe and sanitary conditions" using the most effective means available – firing tear gas canisters until people vomited in the street…

    Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators' repeated agitations.

    The latest such skirmish came around 11:15 PDT in front of City Hall, where a haze of chemical smoke still hung in the air following several similar clashes at the site over the course of the night.

    It was the fifth time in about three hours that police a fired a volley of tear gas to disperse a crowd at the scene where ongoing tension has erupted into conflict throughout the day.

    Of course, the use of heavy-handed tactics may be justified if the protesters were truly dangerous. After all, we can't have a bunch of committed anarchist thugs — or are they hapless hippies too busy forming drum circles to do any real damage? I keep forgetting! — hanging out in a public space in Oakland, possibly disrupting our nation's vital Strategic Medical Marijuana Reserves. And just how radical are the protesters' views of police authority?

    Gabe Meyers, a protester who had been camping at the plaza, said, "People are going to keep coming back. What are they going to do, send cops in every night and waste taxpayer dollars?"

    Meyers added, "The cops are the 99 percent, but they're doing the work of the 1 percent. Wall Street is proud of them every time they clear out an encampment."

    But perhaps the Oakland Police Officers Association has nothing to worry about. Now that its members have saved Oakland from the scourge of citizens demanding better public services, I'm sure politicians will make sure that the overtime costs for this operation will be covered by wealthy taxpayers and not cuts in police pensions. That's usually how it works…right?

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • The Daily Show on the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations

    So, Tony Bologna is the new face of the NYPD? It's always nice to see a child pop culture star blossom into a successful career in the real world. I wonder if he still keeps in touch with any of his old Garbage Pail Kid friends.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

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  • Daniel Tosh on the Issues

    Never let it be said that Daniel Tosh and Tosh.0 is mere escapist entertainment. Au contraire, mon frère! These extremely thoughtful clips should serve as proof to the contrary…

    Political Advertising

    More clips after the jump.

    Tosh.0's third season premieres Tuesday, January 11 at 10pm / 9c, followed by the series premiere of Onion SportsDome.

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