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  • U.S. Congress Less Popular Than Nickelback

    Capitol Dome

    A recent survey from Public Policy Polling takes a new tact in evaluating the unpopularity of Congress. Rather than simply asking whether people have a favorable or unfavorable view of our national legislature (only 9% view Congress favorably), PPP decided to benchmark the institution against some of the world's most loathed people and things. Our elected legislator did not fare well.

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  • Americans Ready to Push GOP Off Fiscal Cliff

    Provided it's a non-metaphorical cliff and everyone can watch Mitch McConnell attempt to fly.

    Such are the results of a new NBC/WSJ poll, which asked what single word or short phrase people would use to describe the Republican Party.

    Sixty-five percent of the responses were negative, 17% percent were positive. For Democrats, 35% of the responses were positive, while 37% percent were negative, marking another year in which Democrats won the title of America's least despised political party.

    Our word-cloud illustrates the GOP image carnage. Go ahead and enlarge it if you want to try to commune with the low-standards-having American who said "smart."

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  • Americans Think Santa Is a Democrat

    Public Policy Polling — unofficial motto: "Pay Attention to Us!" — finds that 44% of Americans believe Santa is a Democrat, 28% say he is a Republican, while the remainder are annoyed that they can no longer distinguish between crank calls and PPP surveys.

    Both sides have their arguments. Santa's prodigious gift-giving reputation rivals any Democrat's commitment to entitlement spending. On the other hand, an old white man who runs an off-shore workshop in a business-friendly territory — the North Pole is definitely a "right to work" state — and exploits the labor of "elves" has plenty of reasons to vote Republican.

    The poll also found that “If Grandma got run over by a reindeer," 61% of respondents would not press charges and 24% would. Only 19% of Republicans would press charges, compared to 33% of Democrats, which is what happens when you have a political party overrun with trial lawyers.

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  • Mitt Romney Will Never Escape the 47%

    Much as Mitt Romney haunts America, the number 47 has been hounding the man who was born in 1947, lost the presidency to a man who was elected to the White House at the age of 47, once governed the state ranked 47th in job creation and has been declared robota non grata by his own party thanks to tone-deaf remarks about 47% of Americans and his subsequent drubbing at the polls.

    According to the ongoing popular vote count, Romney did win the votes of 47.31% of Americans, whose loyalty he's maintained. The latest Politico/GW poll found 24% of Americans with a strongly favorable opinion of Romney, 23% with a somewhat favorable opinion, 14% somewhat viewed him somewhat unfavorably and 33% had a strongly unfavorable view. In other words, 47-47%.

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  • Americans Want to Get High at Gay Weddings

    Just after midnight, Washington State's law legalizing same-sex marriage went into effect. Jane Abbott Lighty and Pete-e Petersen were given the first same-sex marriage license in King County, proving that social conservatives should focus more on the environmental impact of marriage equality, because damnit, it got real dusty in here all of a sudden.

    Can you feel Lighty and Peterson's matrimony slowly boring into the foundation of your heterosexual relationship, undermining your family and uprooting civilized values? No? Neither can most Americans. According to yesterday's Gallup poll, 53%  favor legalized same-sex marriage, tying the previous record high. Meanwhile, a new Quinnipiac poll shows marriage equality favored 48 to 46%.

    The same Q-Poll found 51-44% support for the legalization of marijuana, coming on the back of a PPP poll showing a 58% majority in favor of recreational weed. It's an impressive sea-change in Americans' political opinions, but I don't think people have considered how long these pot-filled gay weddings are going to take: "Woah, have you looked at this wedding ring? No, I mean really looked at it?"

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