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  • Non-Existent Things Doing Well in Polls

    unicornzReality, how does it work? According to Public Policy Polling, a mere 49% of Republicans believe the welfare-rights organization ACORN stole the presidential election for Barack Obama, a 3% decline from 2008. Of course, ACORN ceased to exist in 2010, but being dead only gave it an advantage in getting deceased voters to the polls, according to most Republicans.

    ACORN was not the only non-existent thing to poll well yesterday! Another poll from PPP found 39% of Americans with an opinion about the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan. That compared favorably to the 25% of Americans who had an opinion about the Panetta-Burns. Which does not exist. It's a made-up proposal created by PPP, sadly not named after Montgomery Burns, but after Leon Panetta and former GOP Senator Conrad Burns.

    It's surprising Panetta-Burns didn't poll even better. A real deficit reduction plan always calls for tax increases and spending cuts. A mythical deficit reduction plan cuts taxes, increases spending and also solves America's trade deficit by promoting the export of unicorn sweat. Who wouldn't favor that?

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  • Support for Marijuana Legalization at All Time High

    If this new poll is to be believed, then more Americans favor legalizing marijuana than ever before

    Support for marijuana legalization has edged up recently and is now tied with the opposition, according to a CBS poll released Friday — the first time since that survey started keeping track of the issue.

    Forty-seven percent support legalization, and forty-seven percent oppose it, according to a CBS News poll. Support for legalizing pot crept up slightly from 45 percent in September, the poll found.

    I don't know about you, but I don't buy it. I don't care what this poll says. I find it incredibly difficult to imagine that 146,448,200 red-blooded patriotic Americans are in favor of taking these marijuana drugs and injecting its pot dust into their veins so that they can "get off" and "feel groovy."

    Hey, I'm young! I'm hep! I realize that kids like to get free love while going on their marijuana trips. But that's a phase. All of these 146 million people who support legalization are eventually going to grow out of it. Unless they become jazz saxophonists. But, let's be realistic here, how many job openings for jazz saxophonists have you seen recently? Everybody else is going to go out and get one of the many high-paying factory jobs available to them, and they'll go back to drinking beer or taking prescription drugs like our Founding Father intended.

    Mark my words. This is a phase. It'll pass. Just like bell bottoms did.

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  • Chris Christie Is the Most Popular Republican in the World

    Conventional wisdom would have us believe that after Mitt Romney got his ass handed to him by Barack Obama, thanks to the allegedly treasonous behavior of Chris Christie, things were all but over for the New Jersey governor. His 2016 chances were gone, along with his hopes for re-election.

    Well, conventional wisdom can be pretty stupid sometimes

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  • Quote Unquote: Paying for Lies

    Conservative columnist David Frum on why, despite all the polling, the Romney campaign was so unprepared for the Election Day results


    "If you pay people to lie to you, you'll hear a lot of lies."


    And, if you pay millions of dollars for lies, you'll hear about a million lies. It's basic math.

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  • 28 Percent of Americans Mistake Congress for "Responsible Adults"

    Capitol dome, Washington DCSometimes I think the problem isn't so much with Congress' inability to stop fighting long enough to get anything done as it is with people's incredibly unrealistic expectations

    Two-thirds of Americans believe that politicians will act like "spoiled children" during negotiations on the fiscal cliff, while only 28 percent think elected officials can be counted on to behave as "responsible adults," according to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday.

    About a quarter of those polled are expecting their elected officials to act like grown up people. That's shocking.

    Are those same 28 percent also expecting Santa Claus to deliver an entirely new legislative body?

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