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  • The Secret Identities of U.S. Presidents

    In honor of the newly-released biopic Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, MTV's Power of 12 political blog compiled a list of some of our country's greatest presidents' secret identities, including George Washington, Martin Van Buren and

    Mitt [Romney] has a lot in common with the patriotic superhero. First off, it's not often politicians are this physically fit. His references to "America’s superpowers" is also something one would expect from the Cap'n.

    Romney recently announced that, if elected, he would allot 25 billion federal dollars to kindergarten through 12th graders, allowing them to attend any school of their choosing. You could say he's making each student the captain of his or her own education!

    Granted, Mitt Romney is not technically a U.S. President. Not today at any rate. And possibly not next year, either. But, if you saw Captain America: The First Avenger movie, you know that the character ends up riding this big loud expensive thing that crashes spectacularly sending him into a 70-year catatonic stasis before he's ultimately re-awakened and asked to help save the country. So, take that as you will.

    And what secret identity do you suspect our nation's geekiest Commander-in-Chief would harbor?

    Obama hasn't done a very good job keeping his Jedi status on the DL. From wielding a light saber in public to his unusually quick reflexes (remember the fly swat?), we’re pretty sure his "Hawaiian upbringing" is just a cover up for his time spent at the Jedi Academy.

    That's a good guess. Though, personally, I'd have gone with President Who. I'm relatively certain I saw him stepping out of a Tardis before one of those Rose Garden addresses.

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