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  • Naked People Storm John Boehner's Office

    Nude protesters — demonstrating against federal budget cuts to efforts at fighting HIV/AIDS — pushed their way in House Speaker John Boehner's office today, waving body parts around and generally being naked.

    The scene, as reported by Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner via Twitter, was completely nuts! And also boobs. Plus, quite a few asses and vajayjays. And one thing that, as of time of press, remains unidentified.

    Three protesters were arrested. Coincidentally, all of them were women.

    More photos after the jump…

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  • The DNC Planned Parenthood Rally in 7 Images

    This afternoon, pro-choice members of Planned Parenthood came together with some pro-life protesters on the streets of Charlotte, N.C. to calmly discuss their differing opinions concerning the complicated matter of abortion. Here it is, boiled down to the only seven images you need to see…

    This is a picture of a woman's chest. Also, it appears that has a clever slogan on her t-shirt.

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  • Note to Self: Don't Bring Machete to RNC

    I'll be arriving in Tampa tomorrow morning, a little later than expected due to weather issues. And I have to say, I'm really glad for the delay. Otherwise, I wouldn't have seen this news report, and I totally would have ended up bringing my Condor 17-inch high-carbon parang machete with me. Because, you know, at this point it's just a force of habit…

    According to Hillsborough County Sheriff's officials, Jason T. Wilson, of Tallahassee, was arrested as he walked in the RNC Event Zone carrying a "full size" machete…

    When deputies attempted to physically stop him, Wilson allegedly began resisting arrest and was physically restrained. Wilson was arrested and taken to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office on charges of prohibited items in event zone and resisting arrest with violence.

    Damn. It's gonna feel so weird walking around without a 1.5" blade strapped to my thigh. God, I'll feel naked. I guess I can't really blame RNC officials for not wanting forearm-length survival knives at their political convention. It does seem kind of unsafe.

    I suppose I'll just have to make due with a handgun.

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  • Egyptian Protesters Throw Shoes at Hillary Clinton, Chant "Monica!"

    In America, we might not respect our politicians, but at least we respect our shoes. Can you imagine someone throwing $90 Nike's at President Obama? Not in this economy. But in the Middle East, they must be up to their ankles in shoes.

    Back in 2008, George W. Bush was pelted with a shoe by an Iraqi journalist. I guess protestors in Egypt wanted to prove that shoe-throwing is a non-partisan activity because they let Hillary Clinton's motorcade have it this weekend…

    Egyptian protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade Sunday and shouted, "Monica, Monica, Monica" as she left the newly reopened U.S. Consulate in Alexandria.

    They chanted "Monica, Monica, Monica"? Don't they know Monica Lewinsky is like Beetlejuice? Chant her name three times and she shows up and gets you impeached.

    Maybe we're jumping to conclusions. It's possible they were referencing Monica from Friends. Even a sitcom character is more respected in the Middle East than anyone involved in American politics.

    Photo by Mohammed Hossam/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Brooding Adolescents Are the Vanguard of Occupy Wall Street Revolution

    protesterAfter a quiet winter, Occupy Wall Street protesters are looking to regain their momentum with May Day demonstrations planned for cities across the United States. Drawing protestors' ire are the usual suspects of post-industrial capitalism: rampant corporate greed, declining social mobility, the gulf between rich and poor…the accumulation of dirty laundry in the hamper that Mom won't do anything about…

    On a pair of tables in the corner of the room sit stacks of Occupy literature – magazines and newspapers produced by protesters – as well as stickers, posters and fliers: all propaganda for May Day, a nationwide day of action calling on the public to abstain from work, school, shopping, banking and household chores

    In New York, protesters will meet at 8am in Bryant Park, which will serve as a base for much of the day. There will be an afternoon march to Union Square, and a concert, followed by another march to the financial district. Plans for the evening remain loose, perhaps intentionally so, but were described by one Occupier as a "radical afterparty".

    Who among us can forget the great "NO, DAD, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME" General Strike of 1934 that followed on the heels of the bloody Brussels sprouts boycott of 1932? Or the famed sit down (and play XBox) strike of 2006 that led to the formation of the International Brotherhood of Console Gamers?

    Thanks, Occupy. I used to think 12 year old me was a moody jerk with little regard for the efforts necessary to maintain a household. Now I recognize dirty carpets as the capitalist constructs they were and fondly recall my days on the frontline of proletarian revolution. It's all vaguely reminiscent of Lenin's call in 1917: Peace! Land! Mom, Where's Lunch!?

    Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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