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  • Oprah Winfrey Lands Interview with Cinematographer/Co-Star of the John Edwards Sex Tape

    Oh. My. God!!!! Look at who Oprah Winfrey has scored for her super-serious, not-at-all gag-reflex-triggering show! I cannot wait for this interview to get out of my head and into my car (which is where I keep my my television)…

    Oprah Winfrey has arranged for the first televised interview with Rielle Hunter, the woman with whom John Edwards admitted to having an extramarital affair.

    According to The Associated Press, Ms. Winfrey’s company, Harpo Productions, announced Tuesday that Ms. Hunter — who has a 2-year-old daughter with Mr. Edwards — will appear on Ms. Winfrey’s talk show, though it did not specify a date. The interview would be Ms. Hunter’s first on television since the scandal broke.

    Jeeze! I would love to watch that interview. But, unfortunately, I just remembered that I have a pre-existing appointment to jam a pencil into my eye and spiral it around in the socket until I pass out.

    Oh, I know they "did not specify a date." But I have a pre-existing appointment to do that forever.

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  • Do You Feel Like Reading 300 Pages of Rielle Hunter's Innermost Thoughts and Feelings?

    Until recently the John Edwards affair-baby-scandal-gate has been driven by people who did not have extramarital sex with John Edwards: gossipy gossipmongers, obsessive aide Andrew Young, angry wife Elizabeth Edwards, lyin' mill-boy Edwards himself. The missing voice in all this has been, of course, Rielle Hunter herself.

    Well guess what! Rielle has spoken, and spoken and spoken and spoken, in an interminable interview with GQ magazine. (She's even doing the "I posed for sexy photos and then they ran the sexy photos and how could this happen??" thing.)

    In case you couldn't make it to the end of Rielle's longwinded, navel-gazing tales of her relationship with Mr. Big, here's how it ends

    Don't you want the fairy-tale ending?
    I want whatever life brings me.

    Okay, so I know this might be a chick question, but did you know that very first night that you were something special to him?
    I did know, yes. I did know the first night. We had an extraordinary night, and I did know that this was unlike anything either of us had ever experienced. And as we have all learned, that was accurate! [laughs] He in fact did say to me the first night, "Falling in love with you could really fuck up my plans for becoming President." And of course I said, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

    What she forgot to say is "spoiler alert," because I am pretty sure this is exactly how the new Sex and the City movie ends, too.

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  • The John Edwards Sex Tape Really Showcases the Candidate's Oral Skills

    Enjoy these last few moments of not having very specific knowledge of John Edwards's sex life, because the Daily Beast has tracked down a number of people who have seen his and Rielle Hunter's soon-to-available-everywhere (I'm certain) sex tape, and all of your precious ignorance is about to be drained right… about… now

    One source who has a medical background and has worked with pregnant patients says Hunter appears four or five months pregnant based on the swollen state of her belly and nipples. This would place the tape's filming somewhere around September or October of 2007, smack in the middle of Edwards campaign for the presidency.

    On the video, both participants are naked. Hunter is propped up against the hotel bed headboard, with John Edwards belly-down on the bed between her legs. As Hunter, the campaign's official videographer, holds the camera, a smiling Edwards performs oral sex. Because of the camera angle, Hunter's face is not visible, but her distinctive jewelry is. Not only does candidate Edwards know he's being filmed, one source says, he's also clowning around and "graphically performing for the camera."

    Clowning around and "graphically performing for the camera"? And all just a few months before the primary season began? I'm sure that there's some way we can spin this. How about…

    He was just rehearsing his silver-tongue to show the American people how excited he was to serve them.

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  • John Edwards Possibly Facing Federal Indictment, Glorious Political Comeback

    Could this be any more perfect? This story hit the internet…

    John Edwards to Be Indicted For Campaign Violations, According to Source

    The National Enquirer, the same tabloid that uncovered John Edward's affair and secret love child, is now reporting that a federal grand jury is about to indict Edwards… for possible campaign violations related to paying his mistress Rielle Hunter…

    An unnamed "friend" of Edwards tells the Enquirer, "John is terrified that he's going to be indicted. While he believes he's done nothing illegal in trying to hide his extramarital affair with Rielle and their daughter, he thinks the Feds are going to make an example of him."

    …on the very same day as this one…

    Ex-aide: Edwards Thinks He Can Come Back

    The former John Edwards aide whose recent tell-all book chronicles the former Democratic presidential candidate's extramarital affair and then fall from grace said Thursday that Mr. Edwards still believes he has a political future.

    "He still has a sense of being bulletproof," former aide Andrew Young told The Washington Times' "America's Morning News" radio show. "He thinks… he's going to come back and have something to offer the world."

    To be fair, we really shouldn't count Edwards out. I really do think he might "have something to offer the world."

    From what I understand, reality television is gonna get a lot bigger before it gets any smaller.

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  • Wedding Bells Are in the Air for John Edwards and That Lady with Whom He Was Cheating on His Wife

    The National Enquirer — which has yet to drop the ball on any of this John Edwards stuff — has another big and joyous announcement today…

    John Edwards has proposed to his mistress Rielle Hunter, and is buying a luxury $3.5 million beachfront home where they can live happily ever after with their love child, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively…

    "John dropped the proposal bomb on Rielle shortly before he issued his statement" that he was indeed Frances' father, a close source divulged… "John has said that when his divorce is final, he'll buy her a diamond ring. But in the meantime, he's getting them a house."

    Aw. It's so much like a fairy tale I can hardly believe it!

    I mean, like, the old ones. Before Walt Disney cleaned them up and took out all the sex tape and wife-hitting stuff.

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