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  • George Will Hates Voting Like He Hates Jeans

    At some point, Washington Post columnist and popular-in-the-'80s pundit George Will began performing the real-life equivalent of Peter Griffin's  "You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?" routine. Many say we arrived at this moment when Will dedicated an entire column to his displeasure at seeing men wearing jeans.

    (George, look at the picture at right. Do you realize that by characterizing denim as " symptomatic of deep disorders in the national psyche," you're insulting the Ronald Reagan, hallowed be his name? Think about your life, think about your choices.)

    Not convinced that Will is an insufferable crank whose love affair with baseball is his last tenuous connection to normal humanity? His latest column is dedicated to arguing against mandatory voting in federal elections, a policy that precisely zero people in the Obama Administration have proposed. And it's just as well, says Will, because you know who else liked high turnout elections?

    Those who think high voter turnout indicates civic health should note that in three German elections, 1932-33, turnout averaged more than 86 percent, reflecting the terrible stakes: The elections decided which mobs would rule the streets and who would inhabit concentration camps.

    What that has to do with Attorney General Eric Holder's suggestion that election procedures be federalized isn't clear. I think this is what happens when the bow tie gets too tight.

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  • Chicago to Demolish Ronald Reagan's Home

    Raised in the rural Illinois townships of Dixon and Tampico, Ronald Reagan seems to have accumulated a nearly endless supply of childhood homes by also spending ten-month stint in Chicago. He'd be just like Mitt Romney, were it not for the transience, insecure family life and general lack of privilege.

    Now the least-famous of these buildings, a six-story Hyde Park flat, is about to be torn down after the Commission on Chicago Landmarks turned down an application to have it preserved.

    Who is behind the demolition? None other than the University of Chicago, former academic home of Barack Obama–yes, THAT Barack Obama–and a possible site for Obama's presidential library.

    To make matters worse, the pseudo-historic structure isn't even going to be replaced with something Reagan could appreciate, like a missile battery or a jelly bean factory, but with a grassy strip that will border an expanded University of Chicago Medical Center.

    The University's plans have prompted strong reactions from the right and the left. In fact, this is the rare case where liberal preservationists and conservative Reagan worshipers can reach an agreement. Nothing would pay better tribute to Reagan's legacy than a vacant house in an inner-city neighborhood.

    Quote Unquote: The Reagan Wit
    Even Rob Portman's Mistakes are Reaganesque

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Photoshop of Horrors

    * This picture of Romney campaign event in Nevada may look like a really bad Photoshop effort, but I'd like to see you do better. There were actually only thirteen people in attendance.

    * Upon closer inspection, it may actually be a really really bad panorama photo, which would mean that some Romney staffer isn't so much inept at Photoshop as he or she is inept at choosing promotional photos.

    * Hey, Ronald Reagan stole Lena Dunham's "first time" joke 32 years ago. Well, what do you expect from a guy who at one time was a Democrat?

    * Here's a new new app that guarantees to make your Internet experience into a dystopic nightmare of politically partisan xenophobia. I mean, more so.

    * Don't forget to vote right or left for this week's Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing tweet-off.

    * Download our free iPhone and iPad app Indecision Election Companion and jump up into the the Peanut Gallery — our liveblog/instant reaction arena — to watch and respond as Rahm Emanuel and John McCain makes their cases on CBS's Face the Nation this Sunday at 10:30 am.

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  • Mitt Romney Tempted to Quote Ronald Reagan

    Confiding to ABC's George Stephanopoulos yesterday, Mitt Romney explained that one of the biggest problems he'll have in the upcoming presidential debates — aside from simulating a person-like demeanor for such an extended period of time, obviously — is that, as he says "the president tends to… say things that aren't true."

    This is a problem. As we all know, Mitt Romney is physically and intellectually unable to lie. He's never lied. He doesn't know how to. So dealing with such a shifty maneuver from a professional flim-flam man like Obama will be tough for him to deal with. But he's considering his options

    The former governor told [Stephanopoulos] he's tempted to use Ronald Reagan's famous line against President Carter in a 1980 debate, "There you go again" — the same line that Bill Clinton turned on Romney and the Republicans at the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

    Don't do it, Mitt! It's too big a gun to pull out in a civil debate. They'll be scraping little tiny bits of Obama off the podium for weeks. Though, I can certainly see why he'd be "tempted" use such a powerful weapon. It's been proven to work in the past. At least two times, actually.

    Still, there's got to be other — less nuclear — options for presidential quotes to pull out, dust off and repurpose for his own counter-attack. Such as…

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  • Quote Unquote: Running on Fumes

    Rudy Giuliani on Barack Obama's campaign strategy


    "You know, Clinton ran on welfare reform, producing 100,000 cops on the street. Reagan ran on Morning in America. He's running on: 'Gee, I haven't been president for the last four years, and Romney's a bum.' "


    Yeah, but he's doing it with a pretty slick web design and a rather elegant font.

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