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  • The Daily Show on the Blunt Amendment Debate

    These senators are absolutely right. This isn't about women's rights to have healthy sex lives. Not at all! It's about the exact opposite of that.

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  • Roy Blunt: You Mean the Birth Control Thing's Over?

    Roy BluntAnd after he made such a fuss about keeping it going. These are sad times for people who like happy times

    The Senate defeated Sen. Roy Blunt's amendment to allow employers to refuse to cover health services Thursday, dealing Republicans a high-profile setback in the fight over the Obama administration's contraception coverage mandate.

    But what's that?

    But Blunt (R-Mo.) vowed that the vote won't be the end of the debate over the contraception coverage rule — and predicted that the Supreme Court might have the final say by striking it down.

    Roy, I'm going to be straightforward with you. Forthright. Direct. Not going to beat around the bush, is what I mean. Truly honest in a way that subordinates your personal feelings to my goal of being no-nonsense and upfront about my opinions.

    You can't expect the Supreme Court to help; women are allowed on it.

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  • Roy Blunt: This Birth Control Thing Is Over When I Say It's Over

    Roy BluntRemember that birth control thing everyone was getting upset over a little while ago? When male lawmakers and religious leaders were trying to make decisions about women's health without the messy, overly-emotional input of women?

    Simpler times. Adele topped the Billboard charts instead of being number two, and February had only progressed two full weeks, making it the shortest month on record ever up to that point.

    Well, looks like those times haven't quite ended

    The Senate is set to vote this morning on repealing President Obama’s birth-control mandate, although the legislation isn’t expected to pass.

    The effort, sponsored by Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri, would let employers refuse to include contraception in health care coverage based on their "religious belief or moral conviction."

    Wait, that's what this whole thing's been about — religious freedom? I've misunderstood all along. Now hold on, I've got to go start the First Church of Denying All Health Benefits To Heather Feldman Who Said She'd Go To 8th-Grade Prom With Me But Then Went With Craig Instead Because He Had A Mustache.

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  • GOP Really Going All-In with This Anti-Birth Control Thing

    I'm not sure what was in that third drink I poured down my throat last night, but whatever it was, it must have been pretty potent, because when I woke up this morning, it was fifty years ago.

    Or, at least, that's what I'm assuming. Otherwise, I don't really think I can make any sense of the news that Senate Republicans are now running in opposition to birth control in general

    Not satisfied with President Obama's new religious accommodation, Republicans will move forward with legislation by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) that permits any employer to deny birth control coverage in their health insurance plans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Sunday.

    "If we end up having to try to overcome the President's opposition by legislation, of course I'd be happy to support it, and intend to support it," McConnell said. "We'll be voting on that in the Senate and you can anticipate that that would happen as soon as possible."…

    A debate over access to contraception could be politically problematic for Republicans as polls show Americans overwhelmingly support the use of birth control and want insurance plans to cover the service for free. Tellingly, McConnell was eager to keep the focus on religious freedom as opposed to contraception itself.

    Really? Like, for real, really? This is the issue that the GOP is choosing to march into election season with? Moral outrage at government-subsidized pre-marital sex?

    I feel like maybe I need to go back to bed and sleep off this ridiculous proposed legislation. But I'm afraid that I'll do it wrong and wake up to a Constitutional ban on late-night hook-ups.

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