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Saddam Hussein
  • Sarah Palin Is President of Iraq, Now

    Yesterday Sarah Palin's readin' rainbow beamed down on Fort Bragg, N.C., where she "promised to limit her enthusiasm" by not giving a speech about how much she hates President Obama. But pity the Army management elites who try to hold Sarah Palin down! Instead of talking with words she just autographed this here Iraqi dinar ("money"), which is decorated with a portrait of Saddam Hussein and a bunch of foreign Muslim writing.

    Barack Obama would never in a million years have the stones to do such a thing. Point taken, President Palin, point taken.

    (Via Getty Images, which notes that the autograph was signed "for 82nd Airborne's Sgt. David Vogelslang during the signing of her memoir 'Going Rogue' on the North Post Exchange." Makes a great bookmark, I guess.)

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  • The Daily Show's Best Election Fraud Moments

    Wow. We seem right now to be in a modern Golden Age of voter fraud allegations, don't we? And for good reason. It's so much less gory and blood-splattered than military coups. Well, usually.

    So, while we're all waiting for everything in the world to get better and political power to be doled out fairly according to those who have earned it, let's watch some Daily Show clips…

    September 17, 2009: Voter Fraud in Afghanistan

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Saddam Hussein Was Shown South Park Over and Over in Prison

    From The CC Insider

    sp201_saddam3_bgThe Telegraph has a new piece on South Park and its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and in it, they reveal a pretty fascinating and hilarious piece of information…

    Stone, 37, said both he and Parker, 39, were most proud of the signed Saddam photo, given to them by the US Army's 4th Infantry Division.

    He said: "We're very proud of our signed Saddam picture and what it means. It's one of our biggest highlights.

    "I have it on pretty good information from the marines on detail in Iraq that they showed Saddam the movie.

    "Over and over again -– which is a pretty funny thought.

    "That's really adding insult to injury."

    Amazing, right? Yes. And think about it: If one of the most notorious dictators of the modern era was being held captive by the US military, doesn't it seem to reason that he would be under constant video surveillance? We need to find the footage of Saddam watching South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut to see if he chuckled even just once. This is what the Freedom of Information Act is for, right?

    Watch a clip of Saddam on South Park.

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  • New Old News: Vintage Daily Show – The Meaning of Shoes

    Okay, so we were all kind of confused by that Iraqi shoe-throwing incident yesterday, but that's only because in our culture, when we throw a shoe at someone, it simply means "Get the fuck out of the way of the television, asshole! This is the part where Jamie Lee Curtis takes her shirt off!"

    However, as evidenced by this Daily Show clip from way back in 2003 — just after we won the war in Iraq — in Middle Eastern culture, hitting people with shoes carries a lot more meaning…

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  • John McCain's Lobbyist Pal Had Pals Who Palled Around With Saddam Hussein (Yeah,That Saddam Hussein)

    Speaking of palling around with terrorists, as we have been of late: It seems that John McCain has some pals of his own, and one of those pals didn't just pal around with Saddam Hussein. He helped lobby for the Iraqi regime…

    William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who John McCain has named to head his presidential transition team, aided an influence effort on behalf of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to ease international sanctions against his regime.

    The two lobbyists who Timmons worked closely with over a five year period on the lobbying campaign later either pleaded guilty to or were convicted of federal criminal charges that they had acted as unregistered agents of Saddam Hussein's government.

    During the same period beginning in 1992, Timmons worked closely with the two lobbyists, Samir Vincent and Tongsun Park, on a previously unreported prospective deal with the Iraqis in which they hoped to be awarded a contract to purchase and resell Iraqi oil. Timmons, Vincent, and Park stood to share at least $45 million if the business deal went through.

    Hey, Senator McCain, we got this guy's resume for the transition team job. Look here: "Effective working alone, or as part of a team. Capable of multitasking in the interest of murderous dictators." Sounds good, right? Oh, and another thing

    Newly available congressional records show Timmons's firm received $260,000 this year before its lobbying activities [on behalf of Freddie Mac] were barred under terms of the government rescue of the failed mortgage giant. Timmons, 77, is listed as a lobbyist for Freddie Mac on the company's midyear financial-disclosure form.

    Excellent! He's 77 years old, so he'll make you feel like a spring chicken again. That guy is hired.

    Okay. Is it just me, or is this news truly shocking? I mean, what is John McCain thinking, wasting money on a transition team staff when he could be buying more ads that tell us about Barack Obama's nefarious secret terrorist connections?

    Whatever happened to Country First?

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