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  • Mitt Romney's Hilarious New Google Problem

    When you hear the name Romney, a few words come to mind: robot, millionaire, flip-flopper, Massachusetts, hair.

    And now, there's a new one. Dog Diarrhea

    Yes, it's a little bit immature, but search "Romney" on Google and you'll see high up on your results (right behind Mitt Romney's Wikipedia page this morning; image below) with this definition:

    "1. To defecate in terror 2. Former Governor Mitt Romney." This is a reference to "Crate-Gate," the story of how Romney's dog Seamus reacted to being strapped to the roof of the candidate's car…

    Google's algorithm depends a lot on popularity. And Spreading Romney's 3,416 Facebook "likes", 1261 Tweets, coupled with shoutouts from sites like New York's Daily Intel and Romney's not-so-solid inevitability as of late all helped it climb up the Google results chart.

    Poor Mitt. After three major losses in the Midwest, a near loss to Ron Paul in Maine and a precipitous drop in the polls in his native Michigan, the former governor is now literally getting shit on by his critics.

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