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Scott Brown
  • Tagg Romney Considers Losing Massachusetts Senate Race [UPDATED]

    Now that Scott Brown (R-MA) has bqwacked out of a quick return to the U.S. Senate, rumors are swirling that Tagg Romney may be the answer to the Massachusetts GOP's prayers–unless those prayers involve actually winning a Senate seat, in which case Tagg is probably not the answer, even though he may be a perfect candidate in other regards:

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  • Scott Brown Says Bqhatevwr to Senate Run

    If former Senator Scott Brown's (R-MA) Twitter feed of last week was any indication, the great white hope of northeastern Republicans is going through a rough patch. That's a lot of listlessness and apathy for one morning.

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  • Miss U Already: Scott Brown

    scott brown

    In which we take a look back at the departing federal lawmakers we'll miss most in 2013.

    Name: Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)

    Age: 53

    Terms: 1

    Leaving Congress Because: Defeated; too sexy?

    Best Known For: This, a thousand times, this. But also a tasteless joke about a curling iron and Martha Coakley's butt.

    Memorable Quote: "Each and every day that I've been a United States senator, I've been either discussing issues, meeting on issues, and secret meetings with kings and queens and prime ministers and business leaders and military leaders."

    Greatest Accomplishment: Teaching us that the tomahawk chop is even more offensive outside a baseball stadium than inside one.

    Why We'll Miss Him: Who else is going to pose for tasteful full-frontals on the Senate floor?

    What He's Doing Next: Whispering "John Kerry for Secretary of State" into a severed pig ear, burying the pig ear, digging up the pig ear as soon as he sees a shooting star, then stringing the pig ear around a pigeon's neck. Wherever the pigeon lands, Brown will call the White House from his cellphone, saying "John Kerry" over and over again until President Obama hangs up. He will do this every day.

    What the Future Holds for Him: Riding his pickup truck through the doors of his new Senate home when he takes over for Secretary of State Kerry. Realizes there is no such thing as a Senate home (when they're in D.C. they live in apartments, where they can do whatever without their wives knowing). Backs up slowly, and returns to one of his six houses.

    Miss U Already: Ron Paul

    Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/Boston Globe/Getty Images

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  • Scott Brown Steps in It During Debate

    Scott Brown & Elizabeth WarrenMassachusetts may blush red on occasion, but its blood is definitely Democrat blue. That said, Scott Brown may have revealed his true colors

    When asked for his "model Supreme Court justice," Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown paused as if he knew his answer might get him in trouble. "Ah… that’s a great question," Brown replied. "I think Justice Scalia is a very good judge."

    Some in the audience booed and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren wasted no time trying to capitalize on Brown’s admiration for the conservative justice.

    Elizabeth Warren also wasted no time whatsoever making this face during his answer. After being rapped on the knuckles for naming the most conservative judge since William Rehnquist, Scott Brown then named several other justices, including Sotomayor. Unfortunately, the question wasn't "How many Supreme Court justices can you name?" If that had been the question, he would have gotten a C+ instead of an F.

    But then again, Scott Brown is nobody's student.

    Photos by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe/Getty Images and U.S. Treasury Department/Wikimedia Commons

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  • Staffers "Tomahawk Chop" Scott Brown to Certain Victory

    It's been an incredibly tough battle between Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. One day the Senator is ahead in the polls and the next Warren takes the lead. Back and forth, back and forth. It's maddening! Brown's team needs to find something that will break the stalemate and convince the average Massachusetts voter that Scott Brown is the candidate for him or her.

    Oh, I know! Gleeful public racism!

    Yes, that's Sen. Scott Brown's staff members making respectful Indian "war whoops" and traditional "tomahawk chops" in the middle of a Brown rally the other day

    "It is certainly something that I don't condone," said Brown when asked about the video. "The real offense is that (Warren) said she was white and then checked the box saying she is Native American, and then she changed her profile in the law directory once she made her tenure."

    That is certainly an offense. I'm not sure it is the real offense. I'm not claiming to be Native American, but I'd be willing to bet that some people who truly are Native American might find a different aspect of this story to be the real offense.

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