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Scott McClellan
  • Andy Borowitz: Bush Refuses to Read McClellan's Book, Calling It "A Book"

    Andy Borowitz weighs in on Scott McClellan's new book and the chances of President Bush reading it…

    On a day when Washington was abuzz with the news that former White House spokesperson Scott McClellan had published a tell-all memoir, President George W. Bush offered his personal reason for not reading it.

    "I have no intention of reading Scott McClellan's book," Mr. Bush told reporters, "because it's a book."

    The president said that he thought the chances of his someday reading Mr. McClellan’s book were "zero," adding, "If I didn't read the Iraq Study Group's report, I really don't think I'm about to read Scott McClellan's little book."

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    Update: This is satire.

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  • Karl Rove: What Happened to the Scott McClellan Who Just Parroted Everything I Said?

    On last night's Hannity and Colmes, Karl Rove explained that he just could not believe that his old friend Scott McClellan — a man he thought he knew — could have written such a craven, self-serving, intellectually dishonest book as the one he just wrote about how he was duped into participating, as White House Press Secretary, in the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

    I know! It's so out of character!

    HANNITY: Why do I always get suspicious that if he really felt this way, and I think this is a question he needs to answer. But your thoughts on it. If he really felt this way, why didn't he leave earlier?

    ROVE: Two things, first of all, this doesn't sound like Scott. It really doesn't. Not the Scott McClellan I have known for a long time. Second of all–sounds like somebody else, it sounds like a left-wing blogger. Second of all, if he had these moral qualms he should have spoken up about them. And frankly I don't remember him speaking up about these things, I don't remember a single word. There were people on the White House staff, colleagues of mine that had doubts about this or that policy, they spoke out. But this doesn't sound like Scott.

    No, it doesn't sound like Scott. Not at all. I think it's plainly obvious what's going on here.

    The "liberal bloggers" have gotten to him. They've obviously used their powers of liberal hypnosis on him, and now he's under their godless spell.

    Who would have guessed that he'd be so easily suggestible?

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