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  • Scab NFL Referees Ignite Conservative Civil War

    If you're unfamiliar with the outlines of the NFL farce that culminated in the "Inaccurate Reception" during last night's Monday Night Football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, here's a summary of how the sales team from your local Foot Locker came to officiate the most watched sport in America:

    In a move that would make 19th century robber barons blush,  the NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to make the most profitable professional sports league slightly more profitable by gutting the pensions of the regular referees, locking them out until the union agreed to the demanded concessions. As it happens, the cost of accepting the referees's bargaining position comes to a very modest additional $100,000 per team per year, but NFL owners have never been willing to put a price tag on their desire to snuff out any whiff of unionism beneath the heel of the Job Creators.

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  • Tweet Untweet: Noah Begot Ham Who Begot Nimrod Who Begot Walker

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  • Barack Obama's June Gloom

    Barack Obama

    If May was gray for President Obama, June has been doom and gloom. After the slew of bad mojo last week, White House press secretary Jay Carney was thrown to the media dingos to answer some uncomfortable questions during Monday’s briefing

    The AP asked about the president’s unfortunate private-sector-is-fine remark. The Reuters correspondent asked about the economic "head winds" from Europe. Ed Henry of Fox News Channel asked about the looming contempt-of-Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News asked about the Supreme Court striking down Obamacare. Norah O'Donnell of CBS News asked about calls for a special prosecutor to probe leaks. Victoria Jones of Talk Radio News asked about the stalled talks with Pakistan.

    Carney sought relief by calling on TV correspondents from swing states, but the one from Wisconsin asked about the failed attempt to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the one from Nevada asked about her state’s unemployment rate, the nation’s highest.

    Talk then headed back to commerce secretary John Bryson's hit-and-run felony citation, the only remotely feel-good story of the week. It turns out a medical condition and not "going Lohan" was to blame for Bryson's erratic driving.

    That was a close call, but maybe it's time for President Obama to put an ankle monitor on all his cabinet members. Keep everyone on lock down until November. Nobody wants to see a picture of David Axelrod climbing into his car after a night of clubbing with his thong showing. Also, no more Fast and Furious for Eric Holder.

    And, for God's sake, nobody let the economy take the Porsche out for a spin.

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  • Liveblogging Scott Walker on "Face the Nation," Sunday 10:30 am

    This Sunday morning at 10:30 am / 9:30 c, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — the died-and -risen new savior of the Republican Party — will be the guest on CBS' Face the Nation, and we'll be covering it in real time as part of our weekly Peanut Gallery liveblog series on the Indecision Election Companion App for iPhone and iPad.

    We can't say exactly how things will go down with him and Bob Schieffer, be we have a few strong guesses…

    * Scott Walker will be characteristically humble and self-effacing.

    * Somebody or other will float the idea that maybe Obama might just lose in November.

    * The camera will pan over to a cute little frog which will somehow find its way into the studio.

    * Bob Schieffer will look helplessly toward his producers as Walker spends an awkward seven minutes staring directly into the TV camera and mouth the words, "Yes, my twin masters Koch… I shall do your bidding" before screaming violently for an additional three minutes.

    * They might get around to talking about this past week's recall election in Wisconsin. If time permits.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall Election

    You know how sometimes you receive a notice from a manufacturer indicating that the fuel injector on your model 2001 Chevy Crapmobile could develop small cracks, which could lead to fuel leakage and in the presence of an ignition source may lead to fire, so please take it to the nearest dealer for servicing? And you're like, screw this recall, it's an hour's drive and there's a 16 and Pregnant marathon on TV, I'll just take my chances dying in a fiery wreck?

    Basically, that's what happened last night in Wisconsin. Except instead of a notice from the car company describing the problem, the recall was preceded by millions of dollars in advertising explaining how the fuel leak was a feature that made the car go faster — in fact, it was a job-creating fuel leak — and the replacement part was even more defective, because it was soft on crime and would raise your taxes.

    So it's no wonder that with 99% of precincts reporting, Republican incumbent Scott Walker took 53.2% of the vote  to Democratic challenger's Tom Barrett 46.3%. The exit polls revealed some glimmers of hope for Democrats. The same electorate that chose not to recall Walker also said, by 51% to 44%, that they favored Barack Obama for president over Mitt Romney. Obama received the support of 17% of Walker voters, while only 6% of Barrett voters favored Romney. And a narrow majority of voters, 51%, said they had a favorable opinion of public-employee unions, while 45% said they had an unfavorable opinion.

    Such results were an indication that Walker and his Republican allies were able to make a procedural case against the recall, with 70% of voters saying that recalls should never be used or be reserved for cases of official misconduct. Sure, the thinking goes, this defective fuel injector is somewhat disconcerting, but don't I have a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment every four years? If the vehicle to go through a recall every time something goes awry, it would never take any trips except to the dealer.

    Still, Democrats were a little too quick to spin a 7% defeat into a moral victory. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's statement was typical, "Despite the disappointing outcome of tonight's election, there is no question that over the past year this recall effort sent a message to Scott Walker that his brand of divisive politics is offensive and wrong." It makes you wish Napoleon had a Democratic spokesman at his side: "Despite the disappointing outcome of today's battle, there is no question that over the past year this war effort sent a message to Wellington." We need a clearer system for sending messages.

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