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  • Reports of Misleading Robo-Calls in Wisconsin Because of Course

    Scott WalkerCan one imagine a mountain without a snow-capped peak? Or a cool spring morn without a dew-laced wildflower? Can one conceive of a cloud that has not lightness? Or a butterfly that has not grace?

    Yes, I say unto thee, yes. Yes! A thousandfold easier than one can imagine a tight political race without allegations of misleading robo-calls from a Republican campaign

    Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said his campaign is contacting Wisconsin residents to counter reports of a robo-call that says anyone who signed a petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker doesn't have to vote in Tuesday's election…

    Walker's campaign pushed back against the allegation, issuing a statement strongly denying any connection with the reported calls.

    "Any accusation that our campaign is making those calls is categorically false and unfounded. Once again Mayor Barrett and his campaign are trying to falsely attack Governor Walker with absolutely no evidence. This is a desperate move by Mayor Barrett to avoid addressing his lack of a plan to create jobs in Wisconsin," the campaign stated.

    And, thus, the world continues its dizzying spin and life continues apace.

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  • Tweet Untweet: Money Quote

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  • Scott Walker v. Tom Barrett, a Wisconsin Recall Primer

    Today over two million Wisconsinites are expected to head to the polls to forever alter the course of their ship of state. And by forever, I mean until 5 months from now, when the state legislature will be up for re-election. Polls close at 8pm Central Time, which means that if the race is close, we'll know the results by sometime in November, when Waukesha County finally reports. In the mean time, here's what you need to know…

    What do the latest polls say?
    All polls show Walker ahead. The latest Public Policy Polling survey has Walker up over Tom Barrett 50-47%. That lead is down from 50-45% in a PPP poll conducted three weeks ago and it's also down from a 52-45 lead that Walker  posted in a Marquette Law poll released last week, but it's at odds with another recent survey, conducted by We Ask America, that has Walker leading by 12%.

    Just how full of shit are Democrats when they claim turnout will make up for their lagging survey numbers?
    In their defense, a lot will depend on the makeup of the electorate. When Democrats won statewide in 2006 and 2008, self-identified conservatives made up only 30% of those who showed up. In 2010, when Republicans swept the state, self-identified conservatives made up 37% of the vote. If Democrats can increase turnout among minorities and young people, they have a shot.

    On the other hand, "it will all come down to turnout" are usually the famous last words spoken by the party before they're melodramatically quoting the end of Gatsby — "tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther" and maybe not lose quite so badly in the Milwaukee suburbs.

    On the bright side for liberals, future generations of Democrats will not have have to read about this potentially painful defeat, since budget cuts will have eliminated schoolbooks and English teachers.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Mitt Is the S**t

    * Ironically post-post-irony Mitt Romney t-shirts are now available at your local Urban Outfitters.

    * NRO's Jonah Goldberg claims that "nothing correlates more with ignorance and stupidity than youth" despite the fact that he's 43 years old.

    * Turns out next week's recall election in Wisconsin will be deciding the presidential election as well. It's nice to see the nation multi-tasking.

    * Don't forget to download our Election Companion App for iPhone and iPad and follow along as we liveblog Sens. Dick Lugar and Mark Warner on this Sunday's State of the Union on CNN.

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  • Only Jobs Created by Scott Walker Involve Faking Job Numbers

    Scott WalkerFacing a recall election in early June, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has been campaigning on a promise of creating 250,000 by the end of his term. And he was getting really close! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, after implementing key parts of his pro-growth agenda, Walker was only… 275,000 jobs away from his original goal.

    The obvious solution was captured aptly by a Bloomberg headline, "Walker Dislikes Job Numbers, So He'll Put Out His Own"…

    When Wisconsin job numbers compiled by the U.S. government were on the upswing last year, Governor Scott Walker traveled to Milwaukee to tout them as proof that he was turning around the state’s economy.

    Now that the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures have shown for months that the state is losing more jobs than any other, Walker, a Republican who faces a June 5 recall election, will release his own.

    Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs between March 2011 and 2012, according to the bureau, which will release fresh estimates tomorrow. Walker, who promised to create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term in 2014, says the state is performing better than that. He said while campaigning this week that he would release his own figures as early as today…

    The mechanics are complicated, but in essence, the Current Population Survey being trumpeted by Walker shows a net gain of 23,000 jobs, while the Establishment Survey, which is used by every other state to measure job growth (and is the preferred standard, because the Population study reflects employment by Wisconsin residents who may work in other states, while the latter survey focuses on workplaces), indicates a loss of jobs.

    Basically, Walker is Republican Jesus, except instead of turning water into wine, he turns crappy economic data into bullshit economic data.

    Despite these setbacks, Walker remains the favorite in the recall election, with a positive approval rating (49-47%) and a 5% lead over his Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. Besides, if the numbers issued by the Board of Elections aren't to his liking, Walker can always come up with his own.

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