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  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Trying Soooooo Hard to Get Recalled

    Scott WalkerReally, I don't get it. I just don't see the strategy here. But, there's got to be, right?! I mean, for pretty much the entire Republican Party to all at once come out hard against women's rights in an election year seems so crazy that's there's got to be a long grift at play. Like, somehow, they're going to end up with our life savings in a Swiss bank account that doesn't actually exist and we'll be trapped on a prison island somewhere while the whole GOP hightails it down to Rio to disappear into the cacophony of Carnaval.

    Anyway, I digress. Here's the point I was originally trying to make: Wisconsin's governor Scott Walker — who is just on the edge of being fired by the people of his state — has seen fit to sign into a law a bill that actually rolls back a woman's ability to fight for equal pay in the Badger State

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) quietly signed a bill last night that repeals a law that gave women and others more power to challenge wage discrimination. The Equal Pay Enforcement Act, passed in 2009, gave employers more power to press charges against employers to challenge unfair pay practices, allowing people to plead their case in state courts, instead of the more costly federal court system.

    The state legislature passed the Republican-backed repeal bill on party-line votes last week, and Walker waited until almost the last possible minute before signing it.

    Take that, you women with your stupid vaginas! Let that be a lesson to you for attempting to battle for gender equality in the workplace.

    And if that doesn't get the message across, take these other newly signed laws that bans health care-paid for abortions and makes it mandatory for a doctor to strongarm any woman seeking to end a pregnancy.

    Now it's just a race against time for Walker and the state legislature to pass a bill repealing a woman's right to vote before the recall election in June. can they do it? I can't wait to find out!

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  • Wisconsin Poll Shows Gov. Scott Walker in Danger of Recall

    At first, the idea of Wisconsinites successfully recalling their new governor seemed like a liberal pipe dream, which is to say, a particularly pipe-dreamy type of pipe dream. But then momentum started to build and the extremely unlikely became only moderately unlikely and then only a little bit unlikely.

    Now, according to a new poll, the unlikely actually seems kind of likely, which itself seems incredibly unlikely

    A new Rasmussen poll finds that Republican Wisconsin Scott Walker is in trouble of being recalled June 5, with a majority, 52 percent, saying they will vote him out less than two years after he took office and immediately went to work to cut the power of public service unions…

    Worse for Walker: 53 percent disapprove of his job as governor with a whopping 46 percent saying they "strongly disapprove" of Walker. Majorities of both men and women now support his recall.

    I don't know. It seems kind of unfair for the people of Wisconsin to be taking out their frustrations over the gutting of the public right to collectively bargain on Gov. Walker. I mean, he's only following orders.

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  • One Million Wisconsinites Sign Petition to Recall Scott Walker

    Aw, look at this. The citizens of Wisconsin are trying to get their state back. Can they actually do that? I was under the impression that Scott Brown sold it off with a no-return policy

    A total of 540,208 valid signatures, or 25 percent of all of the votes cast in the election that put Walker in office last January, were needed to force a recall election, but organizers had aimed for hundreds of thousands more than the minimum requirement to ensure they met the threshold even if some signatures are disqualified.

    The Wisconsin Democratic Party was quick to dub the recall effort — which also targeted Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and a handful of Republican state legislators — the "biggest" in American history and boasted that organizers had gathered a whopping 460,000 extra signatures for the recall of Walker, who infuriated many in his state last year by pushing through a law that ended most collective bargaining rights for many public workers.

    You know, that's fine and all, but I don't think that petition will considered legally binding unless at least a third of those signatures are Charles Koch's.

    And I'm pretty sure the other two-thirds need to be David Koch's.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: A Newt for All Seasons

    * Newt Gingrich promises to end divisive politics and be an inclusive president for all like-minded conservative Christian Americans.

    * Gingrich strikes a chord with America's fist-shaking harumphing demographic.

    * Donald Trump opened his mouth and more stuff fell out of it. In all seriousness, don't even bother clicking this link. You'll be mad at yourself if you do.

    * The Scott Walker recall effort already has half the signatures it needs. Guess Wisconsin will be banning pens and pencils any time now.

    * GQ remembers that Tim Pawlenty exists.

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  • Scott Walker Has a New Plan to Create Jobs and Unwanted Children

    You may remember Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from such controversies as: stripping away public workers' collective-bargaining rights, initiating a series of crippling statewide protests, and possibly getting himself removed from office.

    Well, he's back in the headlines. This time, for an ambitious new plan to get Wisconsin residents working again. With abstinence

    Wisconsin is facing a jobs crisis. The state's official unemployment rate, down to 7.1 percent in January, has risen to 7.8 percent since Republican Gov. Scott Walker took office… Walker called a special jobs-focused session of the Legislature… At the top of the jobs agenda? Gutting the state's sex ed standards and replacing them with abstinence-only education.

    A bill launched during Walker's jobs session and nearing passage in the Legislature would repeal significant portions of the state law that requires schools to provide comprehensive, scientifically accurate, and age-appropriate sex ed… Republicans hold big majorities on the education committee and the Assembly overall, so the bill is expected to pass easily.

    Brilliant! By refusing to teach horny high schoolers the fundamentals of family planning, Walker has given millions of Wisconsin parents a second job as grandparents.

    And just think of all the great private-sector jobs this law will create. More doctors and nurses to treat all the new STD outbreaks. More Babies'R'Us cashiers to sell merchandise for all the little accidents conceived in Applebee's parking lots. And more casting agents for all the new episodes of Teen Mom.

    Scott Walker has such ingenious ideas. Why isn't he running for president already?

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