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Sheldon Adelson
  • Newt Gingrich's Think Tank Is Out of Fuel

    We're finally at the last chapter of Newt Gingrich's 2012 run for president. Chapter 7, that is

    Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich’s health-care think tank has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The Center for Health Transformation, which has offices in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and St. Louis, plans to liquidate its assets, according to a filing Wednesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Atlanta.

    There are several ways to interpret this news. Let's start with the ivory tower…

    "This ends his campaign. He'll now be completely on the defensive about this," said Emory University political science professor Merle Black.

    "Much like his presidential campaign, even the receipt of millions of dollars could not keep Newt Gingrich’s health-care think tank afloat," said Charles S. Bullock III, political science professor at The University of Georgia. "While health-care costs have bankrupted many without insurance, Gingrich may be the first to go broke studying health-care delivery."

    No doubt these two met at the local pub afterwards and played darts with a picture of Gingrich's face. Probably this one.

    Gingrich supporters, however, are spinning it another way…

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  • Newt Gingrich Is Getting Dumped by His Sugar Daddy

    newt gingrichSo, you may have been wondering how Newt Gingrich has managed to maintain his sad dingy little campaign for as long as he has. You've probably once or twice thought to yourself, "Who is still throwing their hard invested money down the Newt Gingrich chute to nowhere?" Well, the answer to both of those questions is: Sheldon Adelson.

    But it might not be for very much longer

    Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas billionaire who along with his wife has used a superPAC to pour about $15 million worth of support behind Newt Gingrich's bid for the Republican presidential nomination, told reporters earlier this week that the former House speaker's campaign appears to be "at the end of his line."…

    Adelson told reporters he doesn't want Republican contender Rick Santorum "running my country" and that Mitt Romney is "not the bold decision maker that Newt Gingrich is." But Gingrich, he said, "mathematically can't get any where" near the number of delegates he would need to be the nominee.

    Aw, man. I sure hope that Adelson doesn't start writing checks for a new younger flashier candidate so soon after leaving Gingrich while his campaign is on its metaphorical death bed. Can you even imagine the kind of person who would do a thing like that?

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  • Stephen Colbert on the Greatest American Super PAC Donors

    Next time you find yourself mocking the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. FEC decision that led to the emergence of Super PACs, ask yourself one question: Who are you to question the wisdom of our highest court?

    I mean, seriously, who do you think you are? You probably don't even run, like, one multinational conglomerate. Have you ever even bludgeoned a manservant to death just because you can? Get out of my face, you plebeian flatworm.

    Coverage continues with Stephen's own million-dollar Super PAC after the jump.

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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