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  • Rick Santorum's Wife Dated the Doctor Who Delivered Her

    Rick Santorum has gained momentum by being the candidate of choice for those who take their politics with religion. Other candidates may court the Evangelical vote, but when it comes right down to it Newt Gingrich has had too many wives, Mitt Romney's relatives probably have too many wives, and Rick Perry is too dumb to remember the complete Trinity.

    With their long-standing, heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman — in which intercourse has resulted in the production of multiple offspring to serve the Lord — Rick and Karen Santorum have those hypocrites beat.

    OrĀ so it would seem

    Newsweek magazine is reporting that the pro-life Santorum's wife, Karen Garver Santorum, once lived with an abortion provider 40 years her senior. Tom Allen claims his one-time lover had no problem with his chosen profession while they lived together for six years in the 1980s.

    The story features an interview with Allen, a longtime Pittsburgh obstetrician and gynecologist who actually delivered Karen Garver in 1960. It includes a photograph of him cuddling with his former girlfriend, the daughter of a friend and business associate.

    Let's put this bombshell into perspective: Karen Santorum lived in sin? Big whoop, it was the '80s. She dated an older man? Who hasn't. He was an abortionist? It happens. Her lover was the same man who cleaned the mucus out of her nose and delivered her mother's afterbirth? Now, that's just disgusting.

    It seems there are some skeletons hiding in the Santorum closet after all. You just have to look behind all the sweater vests.

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