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  • The Best/Worst YouTube Comments from Hillary Clinton's Dancing Video

    The video of Hillary Clinton dancing in South Africa is the political equivalent of videos of kittens playing in boxes. It's a little silly, a little funny, but ultimately harmless and pleasant.

    See? It's like watching your incredibly accomplished mom take a break from making sure no one hates America more than usual, throwing on her favorite vaguely ethnic blue shirt and having a blast. I couldn't see how anyone could object to it, but then I saw the YouTube comments…

    To be fair, Mao Tse-tung already kind of looks like Mao Tse-tung in drag. Every picture of him looks like my grandma but with a slightly bigger bald spot.

    The only war Hillary Clinton has ever started is the war on giving a fuck.

    That doesn't sound like an insult. It sounds like something a Jamaican person would say to compliment how good you are at dancing.

    Hillary Clinton dancing YouTube

    Grow up? She is definitely acting like a sixty-something in this video. If anyone in your family has ever gotten married, you know what I mean.

    Hillary Clinton dancing YouTube

    Is there such a thing as a Teleprompter for dancing?? If so, we might finally know why Bristol Palin lasted so long on Dancing with the Stars.

    Hillary Clinton dancing YouTube

    Who even knows what this raving lunatic means.


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  • Europe and Uncool Places Vie for Top IMF Spot

    God, international political leaders are so bitchy. Instead of mourning the tragic retirement of sophisticated, irresistible former International Monetary Fund leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn, they’re all jockeying to fill his place!

    It's as if capitalism's head cheerleader fell off the top of the pyramid, and all the other spirit queens are sniping and backbiting their way to what they hope is the rulership of the squad

    Now that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has resigned as the chief of the International Monetary Fund, the choice of his successor is quickly turning into a competition between Europeans determined to keep the job for one of their own and leaders of emerging economic powers like China, India and South Africa that hope to break Europe’s established grip on the post.

    Who the hell do these second- and third-world jerks think they are? Tell 'em, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso!

    "It should be a European," he said at a business conference in Brussels on Wednesday. Taken together, European members "are the biggest stakeholders in the I.M.F. Why now choose someone because he is not European? That makes no sense."

    Yes, these less-pale nations should assume the position Europe has forced upon them in the past, which incidentally is not unlike the position Dominique Strauss-Kahn is alleged to have forced an African immigrant maid to assume at the Sofitel in New York City earlier this week.

    Until these brown people learn to do as Europe tells them to do, there will be no peace and happiness in this world.

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  • Postcards from the News: Visit South Africa

    The summer games may be over, but it appears that their impact will hover over South Africa for some time to come. Just hopefully not aurally…

    Andy Ross is a writer and performer in New York. You can see more of his work at his daily comedy blog here.

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  • The Top 27 Political Bastards of All Time (The Real Kind)

    Here's a riddle. What's conceived in sin; takes nine months to complete; and makes for some sticky situations upon its unwelcomed arrival? That's right, a completely convoluted Indecision article that lists famous illegitimate political offspring while simultaneously promoting the season premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program, entitled "The Proof Is in the Penis." Oh, except Indecision didn't give me nine months to write this. More like five days. And I guess I didn't really conceive it in sin, although between you and me, my silk boxers do feel pretty sweet beneath my blogging pants.

    Now before you go complaining about who I left off, keep in mind that I was looking not only for political progeny born to unmarried parents, but also people who — when organized in list form — would make you, the reader, want to tune in for Sarah Silverman's premiere episode, "The Proof Is in the Penis" this Thursday at 10:30pm / 9:30c. Did I accomplish this? Hey, who's wearing the blogging pants around here. Spoiler alert: Not me as of twenty seconds ago.


    27. John Edwards' daughter Frances Quinn Hunter

    When John Edwards burst on the National political scene in 2000, he was like nothing we'd ever seen. The guy just didn't lie like a politician. Unfortunately, he lied a lot like a trial lawyer. And in 2008, we learned that John Edwards could lie like other things too.

    For example, like that guy your mom called your "uncle" when your dad was away on business trips. In any event, Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter came to light in 2008, and while he admitted his wrongdoing, he was also adamant that Ms. Hunter's baby girl was not his. Turns out that was also a lie.

    Fast-forward to 2010 and now Edwards has admitted that Frances Quinn is his daughter. This might be the first time a two-year-old's first sentence has been, "No, dude. Seriously. It's O.K."

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